113 different cannabinoids

According to some Cannabis experts online, there are 113 different cannabinoids.

In addition to CBD you have CBG, CDZ, CDN and a whole bunch of other ones that I really don’t know about. Nor do I know what specifically are the differences between CBD, CBG, CBN and so on. According to the same Cannabis experts, CBG seems to be more of a mood booster and energetic. Supposedly, depending on what time of the year you’re harvesting the Cannabis plant, you’ll end up with CBG, CBD or CBN. Also the Cannabis panel argues that, if you use ‘more clear trichomes’, you’ll get CBG.


I *really* have no clue what they’re talking about, to be honest.

And, I don’t believe it matters that much either.

In my humble but surprisingly accurate medical opinion, those who struggle with for example anxiety issues, upon consuming CBD oil or any other Cannabis product, often have other underlying issues as well.

Abusive family history. Maybe a bullying past. Any other mental condition.

And often, in order to get over the whole anxiety issue, there needs to be other action taken than just consuming CBD oil or cannabis products. Often, the best results have been achieved by those who consumed CBD oil and also made other significant life changes.

Such as for example moving from one place to another. Changing their work environment. Changing their diet.

Or just something that turns their lives virtually upside down.

Understanding that there are multiple steps that need to be taken in order to overcome anxiety and not consuming CBD oil alone is crucial to your success.

Again, this is strictly my medical opinion. Keep in mind that I’m no medical expert. But I have seen and heard quite a lot.

Despite what so many charlatans and snake oil sellers are telling you, overcoming anxiety is a complicated matter.

And, for the most part, you’ll have to do more than just consuming cannabinoids, my friend. No matter if you’re consuming just one cannabinoid or all 113 of them.

Still, a lot of people have had success overcoming their anxiety issues after starting to use CBD oil.

And there are plenty of places online where you can order some.

It’s up to you, now.



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