2 tales of Fa(r)tPhobia

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readApr 12


Yes I put the r in the subject line for fun.


You guys know that I love to be fatphobic and shame the fat.

So without further ado let’s get started.

I just read two articles in a news outlet which pretty much made anyone who isn’t fat feel bad about how they looked. And how they acted. Because the fat should be privy to special treatment wherever they go. It’s almost like they’re a handpicked people by God who shall inherit The New Heavens. Or some such. I don’t know.

But what I do know is that these two article were utterly ridiculous.

The first article was about how several fat women felt ‘mistreated’ by their doctors and how they were actively looking for doctors who weren’t fatphobic.

Case in point: One woman said she consulted her doctor for some ear infection issues. And she walked out of the office with a weight loss cure.

For context, that’s all the article said. There was no other information given.

But let’s assume this indeed was the case.

Could it be that perhaps this whale’s ear infection was due to her obesity, as well as many other issues? Or could her ear infection be part of a larger problem that could be traced back to her weight?

I don’t know, but I’d trust the doctor.

Especially when they’re telling me something I don’t like.

The other article was about this famour radio host and tv personality who had a nasty habit of overeating. No surprise there as she was fat. But the article again went into how ‘difficult’ life could be at times and how one indeed shouldn’t feel bad for indulging a little in food.

I call horseshyt!

You *absolutely* should feel bad if you are fat, you know you are fat, you weren’t born fat and you know your lifestyle isn’t healthy.

In fact, I’m going to revisit a humble moment in my own life a long time ago. Actually 8 years I think this happened. I was having a physical in my doctor’s office. Blood pressure, sight, hearing and weight. And of course waist measurement.

I was actively training in the gym, but not towards any goal. Nor did I have a healthy diet. Plenty of processed carbohydrates, sweets and the usual suspects when it comes to food. I knew it deep down, but I didn’t want to admit to it.

The doctor did my waist measurement and told me it was above average and that I should look into weight loss and waist measurement reduction. Also my blood pressure was reaching unhealthy levels.

‘Yeah I know, I’ve always been kinda big, I’m sort of coarser built, more rough-hewn and wider. Think it migth be my bones or something.’

That was the highest level of nonsense I’ve ever spewed out. The truth was, I was fat.

260 lbs at a 5'11 height.

Of course that’s unhealthy!

Anyway the doctor said these words that I’ll never forget;

‘Yeah, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy.’

She completely disarmed me and made me look foolish. I’ve never ever felt so dumb previously, but also so thankful. Because that comment inspired me to take a hard look in the mirror and get my life in order. Predominantly in the kitchen. Healthy meals mostly. Sometimes the occasional snack or treat. But not like in an everyday thing.

Fast forward and now I’m leaner than ever around my waist, and also wider than ever around my shoulders.


Because I decided my HEALTH was more important than my feelings.

Ie. the inverse of these fat chicks who look for reasons to spew out their inane rubbish and nonsense and make doctors who *actually* do a good job, feel bad about themselves.

Oh and yes, these fat girls are of course the epitome of an Energy Vampire.


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