2002 Spider-Man Philosophy Still Rings True

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMar 31


I was thinking about something the other day.

I am currently training boxing. Not because I’m looking to become the next Floyd Mayweather or Muhammed Ali. Nor because I have a long and prosperous boxing career in front of me. But for a lot of reasons, including getting in better shape and y’know…if something goes down it’s always nice to actually know how to throw a punch rather than slapping someone on the cheek. That being said, if someone actually were to threaten to harm me, I’d run away first and call the cops. However, if there was *absolutely* no way out, I was backed into a corner and there was really just no way I was going to escape this altercation without violence…then it’s time to let my hands go.

Now, should I ever be so foolish as to even remotely get in a situation like this, I’d failed myself significantly.

So many things had gone wrong if that were to happen.

Like for instance, someone threatening to harm me.

What should I have done in order to make someone so riled up and aggravated they would want to cause damage to me?

I’d have to be drinking a lot, talking shyte and frequenting low-class places such as dive bars and other dodgy venues where I know a lot of suspect people go. Y’know, the sort of people who spend all their wages on a Friday night on gambling, drugs, alcohol and so on.

These are the same sorts of people I wouldn’t want to be around at all.

Literally getting into fistcuffs over some chick they want to bang or who’ll win tomorrow’s football game.

So no Sir Ee.

I like me some classier, higher end venues where you have to pay to be admitted inside [one barrier], where everything is more expensive [another layer], where you have to buy tables and tip well [a third layer] and so on.

Not saying there aren’t bad people going to those places, but the chance of ending up in some argument is at the very least lower.

Because the quality of people I hang around is bigger.

Not only that, but if I *know* I actually wield the power to physically harm someone with my arms, I have a responsibility to not use said power unless it is absolutely necessary. And I would look for all the ways to escape the situation even if it means saying ‘You’re right, I apologize’ or some such.

Like Spider Man’s father says to him in the first Spider-Man movie from 2002; ‘With Great Power comes great responsibility.’

This holds true in so many instances.

And especially if you think about business, making money and being around other people. It doesn’t necessarily mean brute force. It can be as simple as the responsibility you have *to yourself* and not engage with EVs [Energy Vampires for the uninitiated].

If I know I have so much to lose, both Time and Energy wise, why in the world would I let some low class EV steal it from me?

Whether that’s some caveman brute in the club trying to start a fight, or a potential business partner displaying red flags such a jealousy, guilt, shame and all the other tools of psychological abuse they exert.

The juice simply ain’t worth the squeeze.

So if I have all this power, I owe it to *myself* to be responsible, first and foremost.

Else life becomes most miserable.

And with that being said, I gently remind you once again that if you find yourself being choked out by these EV’s and they’re really reckless and you don’t know what to do exactly, I’1ve got something special in store for ya.

It’s literally a cookbook-ish ‘recipe’ on how to navigate the landscape of TEP and also how to deal properly with these EV’s and how to ensure that you can live the best possible life.

In other words, I’m telling you how to cut loose those people who you dislike from your life.

Only you have to do the slicin’.

I’m handing you the knife. It is up to you to wield it.

And, with that being said, it’s time for me to stop mumbling and rather tell you WHAT I am talking about.

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