30 pee breaks a day…

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readApr 2, 2021


Have you had a UTI? If you haven’t, allow me to write how it’s like…


No joke.

There are people who actually need to pee 30 plus times a day.

That’s actually more than one time per hour, and if you count 8 hours of sleep, it means you have 16 hours left of the day. Which means going to almost twice every hour. In other words, peeing every half an hour or so.

Imagine if you were to go somewhere, knowing that you had to be close to a restroom all the time.

You couldn’t go on vacation because even driving to the airport or the train station would be a stretch.

And what if the airline decided to close the toilets all of a sudden?

What about going for hikes or nature walks if you needed to pee that much?

You can fill out the list yourself. It is not an exhaustive list.

Anyway, the inconvenience of having to go pee all the time is one thing. But having to do surgeries, stuff things inside you know where and try all sorts of remedies, spend money on various insurances and see different doctors, only to hear different opinions about UTIs and going nowhere….

….is horrible.

Especially if you could use [REDACTED].

Just go here:



This whole email is based on the review of one of the supplement users. That’s right. The user actually peed more than 30 times a day. Must be a horrible life. And it is meant to be a horrible email to convince the user in need to buy this UTI supplement.

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