5:11 AM And I’ve Been Up for Over Half An Hour…

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMar 28


…and this is really how I manage my time the best.

Y’see, I’m very much a morning person. I like to get up early in the morning and finish off all the ‘mandatory’ work before the sun has risen. Unfortunately I am blessed/cursed with living so far north it’ll soon be light outside around the clock, which means ‘beating the sun up’ or whatever feel good success porn guru slogan is popular these days kind of doesn’t mean anything to me.

Then again it does because it is actually true.

Let’s deep dive into this way of thinking.

So as I said I am up by 4:30 AM on most days if nothing dramatic really happens.

Since I am one of those who believe in the basics of life, I consider sleep very important. That means I block out 8 hours for sleeping. By 8:30 PM I am in bed. Yes, you read that right. And, really, by 8 PM or so my mind starts to wander and I feel *really* tired and my brain really doesn’t function well.

Compare that to now, as I am typing these words.

I’m sharp, I’m on, I’m loaded and I’m a hunter, ready to conquer the world!

Before I go on, don’t worry, I’ll get to the whole TEP [Time and Energy Protection] aspect of things. Believe me, there are major lessons in this way of living.

Anyway, let’s get back on track.

As I said previously, I believe in the basics of life.

And that’s because I’ve tested out all sorts of things.

Speaking of success porn gurus, when I hear that word, my mind immediately wanders to people like Tony Robbins. Not that there is anything wrong with him per se, other than what he is preaching is so generic and is tailored to a certain audience. The same sort of audience that needs a ‘refill’ of one or several of his ‘daily doses’ so that they’ll feel better about themselves after having gone to a seminar.

I used to think that mostly applied to older ladies and people who sort of had given up on life.

And whilst that might be true, I’ve seen the same sort of fan boy twerking and wanking off to nonsense on Twitter, Instagram and other social media. To young kids in their 20s talking about how they’re ‘making money by sleeping 4 hours a night’ or some dumb nonsense.

Listen, when you’re in your 20’s, you can actually sleep very little and not be affected.

That doesn’t work as you age. Trust me.

There’s *a lot* to be said about these circle jerk offs that I’d like to address, but that will be for another time.

For now, let’s just say I tried their whole thing about getting up at 4:30 AM and going to be at midnight, taking a cold shower, reading for two hours, meditating and so on.

Guess what, it didn’t work!

Yeah, I developed some resistance to cold water, but it didn’t give me any results.

Nowadays I love sleeping in my bed for 8+ hours and I love taking a hot shower. If I want cold water resistance, I could probably go ice bathing.

And maybe I’ll do so at a later point in time.

But for now I’ll stick to the raw basics.

And by sticking to the raw basics and mastering them is how you generate a lot of Energy and save yourself a lot of time. This is pretty much how my schedule is built. This is how I *avoid* juggling things and having a chaotic life.

Now, is my life hectic?


Am I busy man?

Hell Yeah!

Do I worry about my time slipping away because I cannot manage it?

No I don’t.

However, that’s not to say I would like more of it. Sadly, I cannot have *more* time than I already have, but I can optimize my life around the basics and master how I execute things.

The latter part about executing life is key.

And I go into that part, how to eliminate distractions, how to generate endless amounts of energy and much, much more in my FREE ebook which clocks in at a fat, 28-page monster, filled with so much wisdom, golden gems, it feels criminal to give it away.

But I feel and am very kind.

So, you can have it.

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See ya on the other side.