I remember the initial disappointment as the girl didn’t respond to my message.

I thought I was being funny. Witty. Charming. Original. And all the other things that girls supposedly are looking for in a man. But it turned out it was for no good, because I didn’t receive any…


Normally I don’t mind people who speak up. Let the everyone know what their intentions are. And act accordingly. Nothing more appealing than a man who despite protests actually goes ahead and does what he said he would.


There’s a different type of man these days.

One who…

One of the most ridiculous articles I ever read was about some politician.

Supposedly he’d won a seat in the parliament after the elections were over. Usually, people like him would’ve been joyous and would have celebrated a lot. But in his case, that didn’t happen. In fact, the guy…

Imagine sitting in some meeting, waiting for some ‘life guru’ to tell you to ‘stay positive’ and ‘be motivated’ all the time.

You know it’s a damn lie and he’s standing there just saying some words that have no substance to them.

Hardly any truth either.

Progressing forward and making improvements in life is done through HARD WORK and it’s something I teach in my consults.

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There is no way to sugarcoat this.

Life is full of setbacks, disappointments and letdowns. It’s a natural part of growth. You’re trying out something and it doesn’t work. You go back to the drawing board. Trying out something new. Then that doesn’t work either. But you refuse to give…

…in short, there isn’t much to say.

Other than that, prioritizing loyalty should almost be your number one concern. Because, life is a series of events where you need other people to rely on. …

As I’m writing this, it’s the dawn of a new day.

Or actually, dawn has already passed. It’s early in the forenoon. However, it’s an important day. Not to me, this day is like any other day. …

Let’s talk about dating and girls.

No, I won’t go into details for obvious reasons. But let’s just say I was once dating this girl a little on and off. I really wasn’t too vested into that relationship. I think she was more than I. Either way, I really didn’t…

Aasmund Ryningen

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