A Covid Witch Getting A Taste Of Her Own Medicine?

Alright, Maybe that was a bit harsh.

I mean, I really shouldn’t be calling people names. But then again, I’ve heard this person being described as a witch, Crone, hag, ‘vile and evil’ and so on. Not to mention the insane and inane politics she is enforcing in her country. I am referring to New Zealand’s prime minister, whatever her name is. Jacinda Ardern or something.

Pause for a second.

Here’s where *most* people go into politics and Why they disagree or agree. Why you should do this, Why you shouldn’t be doing that and how the World is going to Hell in a Handbasket if you do not listen to what they have to say and so on.

I go in a different direction.

Indeed YOUR World Might go to Hell in a Handbasket.

But that is Why you keep whoring out your Time and energy to the wrong people and items.

How about you instead focus on *what you can control* instead of What you cannot control? Does it help venting and moaning about what some Head of State is doing or saying? Whether you agree or disagree with them? Do you get more money? Will these state Leaders Give you more money, more business opportunities, make you get laid more and all in all Give you more of what you crave?

Do you see where I am going with this?

It doesn’t benefit you the slightest to even look at the news media. Or other distractions. By other distractions I am talking about annoying colleagues at work, your pals who want to sit at home, smoke weed and play video games or anyone or anything that interferes with your affairs.

Make sure you do not bless them with your presence more than you have to.

Speaking of blessing people and items with your presence, there are of course times when you *have* to be around them and it ain’t all that easy to simply ignore and move on. You have to be smoother, slikker and way more nuanced in your ways of operating.

The good news is, I offer you some help in this regard. Let’s just call it some in-depth education.

The even better news is, this education isn’t free. You’ll have to pay for it. Price point varies, and for more information [and help], please sign up to my email list.

Simply click the link in my bio to get started.



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