A fat loss wreck in slow motion

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readAug 25, 2021


I remember one particular instance where I struggled with money.

Now, I wasn’t so poor and broke that I couldn’t afford to live. By all means. I just barely could break even when all of my monthly expenses were paid and I was kind of stuck in this loop between eating, working and sleeping for no apparent reason other than to submit some papers for my employer.

It kind of felt like I was losing money.

In fact, I was losing money. I was seeing my bank account, both my checking account and my savings account slowly being drained of cash without me being able to do much to compensate for it.

Like a slow death of sorts.

Or a train wreck in slow motion.

My life is gradually being sucked out of me and there is nothing that I can do.

Well, at the very least that’s how it seemed like for me when I was going through these issues. Eventually I overcame whatever struggles I was going through and my life turned out much better.

And this is kind of like the same process you go through when you’re losing weight.

You’re seeing those excess pounds slowly being drained out of you. And if you’ve started the right process, it’s nothing you can do to prevent it. Like a tube of fat that’s being sucked out of you while all you’re doing is eating, sleeping and breathing.

It’s like magic, right?

Sure, it’s uncomfortable going through this change. At least temporary.

But it’s what your body needs. And this is how you’re growing.

Anyway, let’s go right to the point.

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