A ‘hot seat’ you’d rather be without

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readSep 17, 2020


One of the worst things for a lot of people is being put on the spot.

You know, when all eyes are on you. It may be for an oral exam at school, a test of some sort, maybe you have to perform while on stage or maybe you’ll have to take the word and speak up in a meeting.

Now, be that as it may. It’s absolutely dreadful to get that fixed attention where you feel like you have to impress or even entertain people, because they’re using of their valuable time to listen to what you have to say.

Now imagine you had to speak up in a meeting in front of your boss and one of your colleagues, whom you’d had a long time feud or beef with, interrupted you, cut you off and asked you difficult questions in front of everyone to make you look stupid.

Wouldn’t that be one of the worst ways that someone could humiliate, mock and ruin your day? Wouldn’t that be enough for you to stop speaking up in meetings?

It surely would have been for me.

Now, let’s add some ‘spice’ to this whole charade. What if you had back and neck pain that drained and sapped you of your energy? What if every day you woke up, wondering how this day would turn out and worrying over how much pain you’d be in. How long it would take before you had to sit down and take a break. How many times you could handle that your children started climbing on top of you. Or for how long you could drive in your car without feeling like your spine was about to jump out of your body.

Not to mention, how long you’d be be able to sit in your chair by the meeting table before the pain got too intense so you had to walk around and get even more unwanted attention from your peer group.

Sounds like a horrible life, right?

Well, this is reality for a lot of people who live with chronic pain disorders.

As far as their jobs go, I won’t go into details about that, because many of them are either too sick or too much in pain to even work. However, they’re absolutely being put on the spot a lot of times.

Such as this woman that I once heard of.

She dreaded going to the doctor to ask for prescriptions for her medicine.

Because, once she sat down and was to tell the doctor about her problems, she couldn’t remember them!

You see, she had a little thing called ‘fibro fog’, where her thoughts got cluttered. It meant that she oftentimes didn’t remember certain words or couldn’t properly articulate herself. Her relatives often mistook it for alzheimer’s, although the woman was perfectly fine brain wise. It was just that her disorder cluttered her brain and made her forget certain words or expressions.

So, instead of having a comfortable experience with the doctor, she felt like she was in a hot seat.

Like she was being put on the spot.

And this was a genuine problem for her, because now she couldn’t tell her doctor about her symptoms and her problems.

And even if she could, she’d often forget the most problematic ones, like for example her back pain issues.

Yes, this was a real problem and she didn’t exactly know how to figure it out. I don’t know how old she was or how good she was with technology, but I believe there were certain apps that she could use to record and write down her symptoms.

But, when you’re in deep pain and the only thing you want is for the pain to stop, one of the last things you’re thinking about is writing something down, either by hand or with a phone. Perhaps you’re in too much pain to even do that?

Who knows?

And without telling the doctor about her pain, she couldn’t the correct prescription for her medication, which meant she didn’t get rid of those pains. It was a catch-22. A never ending story of pain.

With regards to being put on the spot, CBD oil likely cannot do anything for you.

Bullies will always be bullies.

However, dealing with pain and fibro fog, then it’s an entirely different game.

I suggest you go check out CBD oil.

Right now.