A lil’ something on PURPOSE

Aasmund Ryningen
4 min readMay 21


I can see it in their eyes.

The people who aren’t fulfilled. The people who aren’t coasting in life. They have no soul. They have no purpose of living. All they do is walk to and fro work, looking forward to the weekend when they’re able to play more video games, drink more beer and sleep in. I’m not saying everyone [like me, for the most part] have to get up at 4:00 AM. I just enjoy being able to get up in the morning and start the day early, when everyone else is sleeping. I consider it a privilege to be able to do so.

But more than anything I have PURPOSE in my life.

I’d like to talk a little bit about that.

Because my Purpose in life is really what drives me forward.

It is what makes me sit down and work hard on my computer and my phone every day. What makes me use those devices as tools, not as toys. What makes me invest a lot of money in myself, first and foremost. What separates my lifestyle from most other people. What gives me real *joy* in the moment.

I see other people and they simply do not have that drive in them.

All those little things that make people happy like good food, drinking beer, sleeping in and all the other things is what drive these people forward.

This is a major mistake in my opinion.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like to indulge in my vices every now and then. In fact, I oftentimes make up reasons for why I should deserve buying an ice cream, watching an episode of a TV show or eat some junk food. After all, life *is* really short, and you need to enjoy it for what it is worth. Not having something to look forward to makes for a poor life. Imagine having no fun, at all, in life.

However, unlike these other people with no drive, I actually have drive because it is all about the work that I do in between.

Yeah, that burger and the fries taste real good.

But only because I wrote that many emails, promoted myself on such and such social media, trained for nearly every day in the gym and overall ate healthy.

I have to do something to earn that reward.

Basic delayed gratification experience. Too many people miss out on that. And because I practice this way of living, the reward becomes way more fulfilling.

That gives me more ENERGY and motivation and is such a wise usage of my TIME.

Most people skip out on that step. They reward themselves all the time. Hence, a poor, soulless and superficial life. There is no struggle behind. Other than making the walk to the grocery store. In fact, and this is something closely related to the whole delayed gratification philosophy, is something AB Dada or Adam Brian Dada [I believe that is his YouTube Channel] talks about in one of his videos. The simple concept is: I want tacos. So I need to either *take my bike* or even *walk* to the nearest taco place. I cannot take my car. Or even the bus. By the time I get to the place, having tacos is not so high on my list. Because I had to put in so much work to get there. And, since I walked to the place, I also have to walk back home. Do not forget that trip as well.

Now, these are extreme examples, but you get the jist of it.

In regards to AB Dada, there were some other points about rewards and living one’s life that I’ve forgotten, but the example with the Taco place was one that stuck with me.

In particular since it reminds you about the good ole’ adage which I’m butchering and/or paraphrasing;

‘Work before play’ or some such.

Anyway, now that I’ve beaten that horse to death…

…you understand where I am coming from.

And you also understand that if you have a purpose in life, all which you consider ‘work’ is really you taking small steps towards your ultimate goal. Making more money online, getting more girls, signing off on more business deals and what not.

As an added bonus you actually get to indulge in these vices when you are getting closer to your real goals.

Great way of living life and channelling that extra ENERGY, right?

And a most wise usage of your TIME.

This is really what I mean by Time and Energy Protection [TEP].

And in order to learn more about TEP, you may find my FREE ebook interesting.

The book contains no less than 28 pages of tips, tricks and information which I have used myself to become an ‘electrifying persona’ according to some of those who have met me in real life.

And yes, I have used my electrifying persona to get paid.

Believe you me.

Anyway, I’m not going to go on a brag fest about what I have done.

Instead I’ll share with you the following;

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