A list you’d rather be without

Another day, another pain problem.

In the world of pain treatment, I don’t think I’ve seen a longer and more exhaustive list than the following. A poor person that clearly wasn’t doing well, listed that she had the following conditions and illnesses:

Spinal stenosis
Degenerative disc disease
Bulging discs
Neck and shoulder pain
Arthritis in both knees, surgery on one of them
Ache in arms and legs
Hair is falling out
Bad eyesight
Vitamin D deficiency
Medication for thyroid issues
High blood pressure
Bad anxiety, depression and PTSD

It almost sounds like something right out of a movie. You honestly don’t believe that anyone could be doing that bad. But, this is one hundred percent real (assuming the person isn’t lying), and it just shows you how horrible some of the people are doing.

Obviously, this poor woman knows exceptionally well what being in pain every single day means.

It also quite likely means that she’s tried pretty much any single medicine or painkiller option out there. And, without knowing anything, I’m going to assume that they haven’t helped much. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any need to ask for help, would there? Her doctors probably don’t know exactly what to do, and I’m also assuming she’s seen a lot of specialists. And nobody has been able to fully help her yet.

Is it any wonder why she’s suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD?

I should also add, she’d had quite a few surgeries on her spine for her discs.

So no wonder she wasn’t doing so well mentally.

And now, she was considering getting one of these pain pumps.

What that is, it’s a device that you have to put right under the skin of your abdomen and that injects medication directly into your spine. In other words, there are no pills you have to take or anything like that.

Except, that is, for the possible side effects.

Nausea and vomiting may occur.

And, in some cases, you’ll also have problems peeing.

Which means that going out to eat or just leaving the house for an extended period of time could prove difficult, unless you like that feeling of a full bladder that needs to be emptied, but you cannot do it because of the pump.

And it’s also not free to use the pump. After all, you have to buy new medication all the time.

Also, the surgery costs money.

Which brings me to a potentially pain-relieving method, that by all means costs money, but that could be very cheap and without side effects long term.

Now, before you jump into the air, realize that I will make absolutely no claims regarding its effect. It may or may not help you. In fact, if you’ve previously used a lot of medication and it has proved unsuccessful and you’re ‘not ready’ to try something new, then just leave it be.

There is no reason wasting your time or energy on something that may or may not succeed.

Because, in the end, we all have different bodies. What works for some may not work for you.

However, for those whom it has worked for, they’re literally living new lives. It’s like they’ve discarded their old bodies and have had them replaced with new ones.

Like they’ve been born again.

However, that road to rebirth with reduced or even no pain comes with a cost, time and energy.

You have to be willing to change your lifestyle, your eating habits and maybe also your exercising regimen.

Plus, you have to be patient.

Change doesn’t come overnight.

But for those who are willing to put in the work, effort, time, energy and patience required, they’re potentially looking at a brand new life, void of any kind of medicine.

As is the case with everything, this comes with no guarantee.

The road to success is often littered with setbacks and disappointments.

But in the end, if you will it bad enough, you usually end up succeeding.

Again, it’s completely up to you.

The road to better health and a potentially pain free life starts with one single remedy.

CBD oil.

Will you start walking?



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