A long, long night ago in a bed far, far away…

I’m not exactly sure what the character is named, but I believe it’s Master Yoda.

Yes, I’m not exactly into that Star Wars thing, but I think that green little thing that sounds like a toad when it’s speaking, is named Master Yoda. Anyway, somebody shared a meme with Master Yoda in it where the caption said something about being awake late at night and couldn’t sleep.

And that reminded me of something.

As I’m typing this, it’s 10:12 PM on a Saturday night. I’ve been up late all week long and I’m dying to get a good night’s sleep. It’s like I’m so tired that it really doesn’t matter anymore. Soon, I’ll cross the threshold to being overtired, so tired that I cannot sleep well, even though I’m deprived for it.

Anyone who’s struggled with sleep issues know what I’m talking about. But luckily, all I have to do is lay down and rest.

However, such isn’t the case for a lot of people.

Especially not this woman that I saw in the same forum where the Star Wars meme was shared. She was a 52 year old woman with a husband and four kids. Back in the day when she was younger, she used to run marathons. However, her health had badly deteriorated and she’d had surgery in her back. She had no less than 14 titanium screws in her back. 8 in her upper back, 6 in her lower back. Of course she couldn’t run any more marathons. But worse than that, she couldn’t even bend over to tie her own shoes!

Not only that, one of quite likely the most challenging issues she faced was getting out of bed or the couch, whenever she woke up in the morning or had to take a nap.

Because of her severe back pain issues, she couldn’t use the muscles in her back to lift herself up.

So instead, she had to rock back and forth to create momentum, so that she would get up.

While her four children and her husband would stand there and laugh.

As she pointed out herself, ‘What can you really do?’

Of course she was suffering from sleep issues as well. After all, those three spinal surgeries had, according to herself, caused one of her discs to ‘bulge and throb like mad’. Imagine trying to go to sleep when it feels that your very spine is about to break out of your back.

As for her question, what could she really do?

Well, I’d for a start kindly but firmly ask my family for help every time I needed to get out of the couch. Instead of having them stand there and laugh at me.

Second, I’d attempt to do something about the pain situation. There isn’t much to be done in terms of the surgery itself, and since I’m not a spinal surgeon, I won’t even begin to discuss what could be done about the surgery issues.

However, for the pain that she experiences, that’s a different thing.

And it could so be that I know about a method that potentially could significantly reduce and even sometimes remove altogether the pain she has to endure.

Of course this depends on a multitude of other factors such as her past medical history, her diet, her environment lots of other intricate, intangible factors.

But I do know that people who suffer from chronic pain have used this remedy with great success.

And sometimes have been able to utterly and completely remove all of their pain issues.

Although that’s very rare.

So, if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain and you want pain relief, I have only one thing to tell you;

Get some CBD oil and try it out.




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