A mild summer breeze you’d hate

Have you ever opened and sat yourself in a car in summer?

Especially a car that has been parked in the midst of blistering hot sunshine for several hours with the windows shut?

If you don’t know how that feels, the closest thing that I can think of to describe it is when you’re opening up the door to the stove when it’s set on 450 degrees or something. It’s like a wall of hot air that hits you in the head like a hammer. It stings. It burns. And it’s very uncomfortable. Like a green gas house.

Now picture that you’re due to drive that car for several hours.

So you start the car and you get going. In the beginning you leave the windows open because it’s so hot outside.

But eventually you need to get that air condition started.

After all, you want cold air to blow in your face, right?

Now, what if the air condition doesn’t properly work? What if you get air blowing in your face, but it’s air that has the same temperature as outside? What if there is no possible way that you can cool yourself down and that you’re in essence sweating as much when you’re sitting inside of the car?

How would that be?

Literally like having a stove with hot air blowing you in your face.

Not very pleasant, right.

Well, that’s what happened to me the other day.

I was driving my car in blistering hot sun outside. Of course I wanted to cool myself down since I had to drive for several hours. But the air condition didn’t work. So, I was sitting there, sweating like a boxer who was trying to lose weight in a sauna before a fight. No matter how much power I turned the fan on, and attempted to re-direct the flow of air, I wasn’t cooled down.

In fact, it appeared like it got hotter and hotter the more I was driving.

And this reminded me of something. A woman I heard of who suffered from a chronic pain disorder, said that when it was particularly hot outside, it felt like her skin and body was swelling up with heat and pain. Like somebody had put her joints on fire.

Contrary to what many people think, high temperature causes the pain levels to go up.

Especially for those who suffer from chronic pain disorders.

Now, the bad news is that CBD oil won’t do anything for you as far as the weather is concerned.

If it’s hot outside, it’s hot outside.

The good news is that CBD oil can potentially help reduce the pain associated with various chronic pain disorders, irrespective of temperature outside.

Why don’t you go ahead and try it out yourself?

After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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