A solution so simple nobody has told you yet

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readSep 9


At least I think so.

Here’s what I’m talking about: If you’re around boring people who annoy you, and they’re really having a bad effect on your life, do you really need to spend your time with them? I’m not necessarily talking about your co-workers, your boss, your clients and all the other people that you have to deal with in order to make a living. That’s different.

What I’m talking about is in your spare time.

Why do you spend your time with people who bring you down?

The reason this has come to my attention is, I keep seeing people complain and nag about other people pretty much everywhere.

On social media. In chats. In messenger groups. In real life. Everywhere.


If I’m a car salesman and I literally have to sell cars to my customers in order to make a living, it means I need to get to know people. It means I need to learn how psychology and buyer’s remorse works. It means I need to take admonishment even if it’s completely uncalled for. But. Those same people to whom I sell cars, am I going to spend my spare time around them?

Maybe if they’re nice.

And maybe if I know I can sell them more cars and stuff.

But if there is no benefit at all spending time with them?

What’s the point?

So, I think you already have figured out the solution.

Do not spend time with these people.

After all, do EV’s do you any good? Do they bring massive value to your life? Is your life quality improving as a whole if you’re spending time with these people?

Of course not.


Stick up for yourself.

Save that Energy of yours and focus on becoming an Electrifying Persona [EP].

And I’ll teach you how to do so.

I wrote a book on this whole topic, plus loads more. The book really encapsulates what it means to generate Energy out of thin air and become a charismatic person.

And I’ll make it really easy for you to get your hands on that book.

Just go to my bio, click the link and follow instructions accordingly.

And I will see you on the other side.