About speaking up

Aasmund Ryningen
1 min readSep 19, 2021



Normally I don’t mind people who speak up. Let the everyone know what their intentions are. And act accordingly. Nothing more appealing than a man who despite protests actually goes ahead and does what he said he would.


There’s a different type of man these days.

One who talks a lot, but doesn’t do anything.

One who despite being wrong about everything and clearly doesn’t understand how the world really works, keeps on talking about all the stupid things he beleives is the truth. It’s like the proverbial tale of the little girl that tells all the adult men to ‘stop killing the cute moose’ and ‘why can’t we all just be friends?’

That used to be cute if it was a little, innocent girl who seriously didn’t know better.

But now we have adult men preaching the same nonsense.

Indeed it is worrisome.

And it’s something you should stay away from. Avoid at all costs.

As long as you don’t invest any more time into these kind of people, your life will be one worth living.

Spending time around the right company is a vital part of becoming successful.

And it is something I talk about a lot in my consults.

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