‘Adult content’ for getting more energy

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readFeb 10


Indeed I refer to adults and grownups in this article.

And hopefully you are one of them.

If not, oh then what can I say…I guess keep on reading still and see you’re able to learn something.

The reason I am nattering on about the fundamentals is because I really haven’t seen them being portrayed or talked about a lot.

Which I suspect is simply because the fundamentals, the basics and the raw essence of anything isn’t necessarily funny, interesting, cool or sexy. It surely isn’t ‘ninja’. So if that’s what you’re looking for, best read anywhere else. Same goes for anyone who’s into short cuts, fast tracking and some such. What I teach and preach simply doesn’t work for people like that. So if you’re addicted to cheap and fast solutions, go watch some Tik Tok video about this issue and see if your goldfish memory is able to hang up.

For the grownups in the room, here’s the real deal.

Prioritize your sleep.

Unless you belong to some freak genetic group of people which, supposedly, can live with only 4 hours of sleep a night, bump that up to 8–9 hours of sleep.

And when I say prioritize your sleep I mean as in blocking out 8–9 hours of all the 24 hours of one nychthemeron and lay down in bed. Close your eyes and start counting sheep. Or whatever trick you use to fall asleep. By the time I am ready for sleep I am so tired I just fall asleep automatically.

Yeah, painfully obvious, ain’t it?

The world’s simplest solution to such many of your energy problems, it costs little or nothing to start doing right and all you need to do is keep a proper routine.

But I guess, that is too much to ask of these days.

Still, it amazes me when I see people who otherwise should be fresh and fit [no pun intended] struggling with their energy levels. They just look old. Tired. Fatigued. As if they’ve given up on life. And they surely ain’t getting enough sleep. Appear discombobulated. Frustrated. And you know what I mean.

This lil’, yet effective trick is rarely being preached about, I suspect, because most of the people who talk about ‘energy’ and ‘time’ really are into nonsensical methods like Pomodoro apps and other time controlling methodds. But, if you do not sleep well at night, what’s the use for ‘eliminating your distractions’ and ‘organizing your life’ if all you do is end up thinking about those big tits you’d like to wank off to or that fancy car you’d like to rent and pose in front of for taking a photograph for Insta?

Do not lie to yourself.

Y’might be able to do so to me and others.

But you can’t fool yourself.

And this is my point.

Get your sleep right and watch both your energy and time go through the roof. I think you’ll be positively surprised as to how much stuff you actually are able to get done and feeling great about it, thereby eliminating any needs for any apps or the like to keep you accountable.

I’m not sure if I should write this, but I actually catch myself having surplus time where I do not exactly know what to do…

…can’t exactly complain about that one either.

Anyway, I’ll stop here, because this article has been going on for long enough.

If you’ve got some wits about you, actually try out sleeping for 8–9 hours a night and commit to this new regimen for at least a couple of weeks.

Upon request I offer in-depth (and paid) education tailored to YOUR unique circumstances about how to protect your time and energy. Cookie-cutter approaches and bland checklists rarely work well.

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