An admission

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readSep 8


It feels sobering and good at the same time to admit this.

But, alas, I sort of feel like a semi-fraud. Perhaps not that much. But still, I think this touches into that sort of territory. What I am talking about is nothing more than finally realizing that I, too, am guilty of being addicted to a substance to increase my Energy levels.

At the very least that is what my body is telling me.

Now, what is this Energy substance?

Well, nothing more dramatic than caffeine.

As in black coffee.

Call it my ‘dark secret’ or some such if you must. I don’t think I’ve walked for more than 2–3 days maximum on this Earth without caffeine in my body since I first started consuming it when I was 14 years old.

Now I’m 38 years young [yes, I like these wordplays].

So that’s a whopping 24 years of caffeine addiction right there.

So, should I go to rehab for this?

All jokes aside, I think not. Because here is something else I think [I haven’t tried this out myself, but according to all the experts I’ve heard talk about this stuff, it makes sense], and that is *that everyone is ‘addicted’ to one thing or the other* when it comes to food and liquids.

Smoking, snuffing, weed, narcotics, anabolic steroids, coffeee, green tea, water, milk, Energy Drinks [bah!] and what not.


The point I am arguing is that virtually no person on this planet is walking around not ‘needing’ something every day.

Now here’s some valid context: I’m talking about us rich and privileged people in the western hemisphere who actually wake up every day and do. not live in war or other weaponized conflicts.

I personally do not know how I would go about my day if I didn’t start drinking a lot of water right away.

Combined with my daily cups of coffee.


I could have been consuming all of this coffee and all of this water and still have had my Energy Levels low.

That’s my real point here.

If my diet was horrible, I didn’t get enough good sleep, I didn’t train consistently and I didn’t allow my body the proper time it needed to rest, well then you know what?

I would have lived in a Zombie like state, put on massive amounts of weight, likely being in the development stages of various sicknesses and disases and overall reducing my quality of life vastly.

But because I allow myself to be ‘addicted’ by something I consider not very dangerous or horrible for my body, I now can direct my Energy into…*drumroll*…producing MORE Energy.

The sort of Energy which is contagious and affects other people.

And I would love to share those teachings with you.

You see, I wrote a whole book on the topic.

And now you get to read it, consume it, apply its contents and benefit from it all FOR FREE.

That’s right!

All y’gotta do is go to my bio, click the link and follow instructions.

And I will see you on the other side.