An alcoholic’s painful confession

Without a doubt, the worst start of a day was back when I was in college.

I’d been out partying hard the day before. Had been drinking a lot of booze and wine. Stuff that I shouldn’t be drinking. Because my body doesn’t deal with heavy alcoholic drinks very well. I usually end up getting a stomachache, a headache, nausea and I vomit. Basically all of the things that people with a hangover get.

However, this particular day was different.

It was different because I woke up and felt just fine.

I’d gone to bed at around maybe 4AM in the morning. I knew I was drunk.

Yet, the morning after when I woke up after roughly six or so hours of sleep, at around 10AM, I felt fine. In fact, I jumped out of bed and was surprised I didn’t feel worse.

Little did I know what was about to come…

But before that, I put on my clothes, had some breakfast and then went straight to the gym to work out. Fully knowing that there still was alcohol in my body. However, I thought I’d become alcohol resistant, all of a sudden.

Turned out, that wasn’t the case at all.

In fact, it was so far from it, I’m embarrassed just to write these words.

Because, at around 2PM or so, the real hangover started to hit me. I gradually got sicker and sicker. As I was on my way back from the gym, I started to feel it. Then, when I’d hit the shower, I felt it even worse. Nausea. The need to puke. In a little less than five minutes, I was on the floor, puking into the toilet.

And from there on, the day was ruined. I spent the whole day in my room in my dorm, feeling sorry for myself that I was doing so bad.

When it of course was my own fault.

After all, I was the one responsible for putting myself in that situation.

Other people go through the same thing that I did that day. They wake up feeling fine and from there on, it’s all just downhill. Every single day. They actually *know* their bodies are going to start hurting sooner or later, and they know that they can’t do anything about it.

At least, that has been the case with the majority of them.

Some of them suffer through the pain immediately after they’ve woken up. Others can go all day and be fine, but when the evening comes, that’s when things get really dire. In many ways, it’s like trying to keep a lion with razor sharp teeth and claws trapped in a cage, but with a poor lock on it. Eventually, the lion is let loose, and then everything goes down the drains…

It may not add much to your life if you’re in pain, but I’d absolutely tried doing something about this.

And I don’t mean the doctor.

I mean actually using nature’s own remedy.

CBD oil.

It may not cure your disease (in fact, I’ll just take my chances and say that it definitely will not cure your disease).

But may help you greatly reduce your chronic pain.

Only one way to find out.


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