An intangible way to produce massive amounts of Energy

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readAug 12


Usually when I wake up in the morning I like to take a view at the mountains outside and the sea.

I’m lucky like that. Depending on where I’m staying, from one of my spots, I have a fantastic view. The sun is up most of the day, I get to see the beautiful nature outside, it’s mostly quiet outside and there are no real distractions going on. I call my Secret Energy Paradise. Not only because it’s convenient for me to eat, sleep and train properly and correctly, but also because the place itself just gives me Inner Happiness.

I cannot really put it in words and do the place justice, but I’ll do my best.

When I land, I am surrounded by the sea. The ocean. I love that. The overview and the sight is so beautiful.

It makes me smile just thinking about it. It also make me feel incredibly lucky that I get to live in such a place.

I have access to nearly everything I need, and thanks to all the logistical, transport and infrastructure systems which have been built lately, I can pretty much get whatever I’d like to put my hands on. I just have to go online and order something. Not only that, but the way things work here, there aren’t that many people living here, which means transport of goods, of people, of everything goes fast and convenient.

Whenever I need a public document or go somewhere to a public institution to go do something, as in voting, there are hardly any lines.

There haven’t been any extreme weather cases that I can recall for the past 7+ years of living here either.

So all in all, this is really my little Paradise.

Now why do I spend so much time telling you all about this?

Why do I go into so exquisite detail?

Well, it’s pretty simple, really.

This notion, this idea, this way of living all gives me massive amounts of *ENERGY*.

Now, will I stay here for the rest of my life? Or will I live here permanently and never go somewhere else? I cannot really say. But I’ll be hard pressed to move away from this place.

I think I’ll probably live a little here and a little elsewhere.

Because I commute a lot, I feel like I only get to see the ‘good sides’ of this place.

At the very least this has been the case until now.

Anyway, so what is the point with all this?

When you ‘know’ you’re living and staying in the right place, you can feel it on your body. You can feel your Body and your Spirit vibrating with Energy. Happiness. Confidence. Almost like a place of fulfillment. Yes I know this sounds, and probably looks, kind of woo-woo, but this is really what it is all about. When you know, you really know.

Which is why I’ll of course urge you to sit down, think things long and hard through and be honest with yourself.

Are you *really* satisfied with the place you’re living now?

Could anything change?

What *can you do to* to fetch Your Electrifying Persona [EP]?

If you do not know, maybe I can help you?

You see, I happen to have written a book about being Enrgetic, about having an EP and also about how to increase your Energy Levels overall.

The concept is really simple, the execution might be a little bit more challenging.

I’ll give away a little secret right now; It’s all about producing forth Your Inner Happiness and willingess to engage.

Do that and You’ll have so much Energy you cannot even fathom it.

Alright, and with that being said, here’s how to get your hands on my ebook:

  • Go to my bio
  • Click the link
  • Follow instructions accordingly

And I’ll see you on the other side.