Andrew Tate, Mark Norman, Louis CK and their influence

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readJun 29


Not sure why I thought about this, but here we go.

One of the worst things I see today is people who aren’t funny or witty, trying to be. Especially these podcasters and hosts who are dead serious and for all their good intentions and thoughts, just really do not get it. Or worse, they do not even have it and pretend they do. I won’t mention any names [for now], but let’s just say that there is one prominent bloke out there who seemingly is trying his best, but it just doesn’t work.

All the jokes, all the wit, all the so-called humor and what not just seems to die off.

Mal placed jokes which do not really fit in and when they do, they’re oftentimes too late to the game or the host somehow manages to kill the vibe.

Now contrast that with someone who is a real proper comedian and who tells jokes from the heart.

Again not sure why, but I’m personally a huge fan of Mark Norman. Have seen and heard him be featured on various platforms. He always makes me smile and laugh. I think it is something about his entire persona. Not the jokes only, but the voice, the delivery, the tone, himself as a character and whatnot.

And this segues perfectly really into something I was touching on in a video the other day.

About developing your own character in life.

The allegory in that video was something that Andrew Tate taught me as well. About how, in a video game, if you could choose your character’s strength and various other attributes like speed, stamina, intelligence, and so on, you’d always put it at 10/10. If you could choose, you’d always want to be the best in everything. And the point was, why couldn’t you just throw the video game out the door and instead *become yourself* that character in life? By going to the gym, training hard, eating right, socializing, working on your income and so on and so forth.

The same applies to comedy, jokes and witty banter.

Especially as far as being an EP [Electrifying Persona] is concerned.

Indeed there are ways to learn this game.

But it all starts with the character in life that you are building.

You could put me on a stage with a mic in front of an audience and I wouldn’t stop talking or become nervous. I definitely wouldn’t have focused on making them laugh by telling silly and canned jokes. Instead I’d probably go on a rant and then take it from there.

My point is, I’m more in the game of talking about stuff from the heart.

That’s more my stick, that’s my spiel for sure.

I believe Louis CK said that once as well. About how you’re better off not directly telling jokes about cows, but instead, talk about your thoughts on cows and the jokes will come naturally. When you really get engaged and let go of the self-censoring and the need to please others, and unveil your true self. That’s when the best lines and jokes come.

And that all starts by building your own character in life, which works for you.

I go more detailed into this in my book which I’ll tell you all about very soon.

In fact, I’ll tell you all about it right now. Or that is, what I consider to be the core message of the book. Namely happiness on the inside and how you can use it to lift other people up and spread more Energy in your life.

It is a rare trait which so few other people possess and all they do is either lay low or try to not attract attention.

Which is weird because I never mind attention.

Since I know I have pure and good intentions no matter what.

The messaging might be a little off, but that doesn’t matter. What I mean by that is, I do not necessarily speak in a soft and kind manner. More like in a brutal and blunt one. Which I know works best for the kind of person that I do want to attract.

Anyway, I’ll save you all the details and instead encourage you to read and implement the book.

Happiness doesn’t mean being dumb and smiling like a dork all day.

So if you thought that was it, relax.

Anyway, I’ll make it real easy for you.

If you want the book, here’s what you got to do;

  1. Go to my bio.
  2. Click the link.
  3. Follow instructions and I’ll see you on the other side.