Beware “The Ladyboy Symptom”

Aasmund Ryningen
4 min readMar 26


Trust is indeed my kryptonite.

And by that I plain and simply mean, I have a *really* hard time trusting people. As in putting my blind faith into them and walk away, without feeling the urge to look over my shoulder and wait for the inevitable disappointment. It can be a *really* good attribute and feature to have, but it can also be detrimental to my [and others’ existence].

Let me talk about more in detail.

For example, if I meet someone new I do not expect them to be perfect.

In fact, no one is.

Least of all myself. If I look at my big ass pile of mistakes that I’ve made in the past, and will continue to make going forward, they humble me. And even better, I learn a lot of from them and will continue to do so.

However, that doesn’t mean I’ll accept more mistakes going forward.

Or that is, more of the same mistake.

You don’t slam your dick in the door twice, right? It hurts. So, if I’ve made a mistake, I’ll identify it, learn from it, and make sure to implement the lessons from it going forward. More, I’ll also *become aware* to look for mistakes that I make, quicker, so that the chances for that happening will be reduced in the future.

Now, you’d think that most people would be living their lives like this.

And indeed, that’s what they should have been doing.

But they’re not.

Trust me.

After having been around people from all over the world, from all walks of life, I can say that with certainty.

They *KNOW* they’re making mistakes. They *KNOW* they shouldn’t be doing whatever they’re doing. They *KNOW* eating that sausage and drinking that beer causes the belly to grow. Yet they still succumb to temptation. And yes, you can indeed extrapolate this to chasing clow quality pussy for attention or wanking off to the next influencer line in social media. Actually, let’s include the way the influencer dresses, the way they speak, walk, what activities they’re doing and so on.

Now for my kryptonite.

When I see these low quality people circle jerking off to the same regurgitated nonsense and inane rubbish, my claws come out and I retract.

Y’see, I’m built kinda differently than most.

I *proactively* look for red flags. I look for ways to disqualify people. I look for reasons to *not* do business with them or to *not* go visiting them because they do not bring anything to the table.

And speaking of which, if they’re actually about it, they should do the same.

But they’re not.

Instead they water down each other and all become bland, dull versions of their own idol[s]. It’s cringe to watch at best.

And I prefer to have nothing to do with it.

Which is why me proactively looking for people who cannot put their dick back in their pants the major reason to disqualify people from being in my company.

I just know that down the road, they’re going to leave me for someone better.

Kinda like the cheap town hoe who spreads her legs for anyone willing to look her way. Or I guess an even grosser, but still valid example would be the ladyboy who…and I’m not going to even complete that sentence. Y’know where I’m going with it.

What goes around comes around.

And easy come, easy go.

Yes this makes my life a little more empty, but really not.

My circle of peers is indeed small.

And I am looking for reasons to make it even smaller. Keeping people whom I trust close to me.

Yeah it means I personally am disappointed as I time after time have to cut people loose.


It is for the best.

After all, and I’m happy to quote Ben Settle on this; ‘I’m a four shining quarters versus a hundred dirty pennies guy.’

Less people, less drama and all of that jazz.

The good thing is, my TEP [Time and Energy Protection] thrives in the midst of all this. I just don’t have to bother with waiting for the inevitable disappointment to come. I’ve already cut people loose and I’ve already tested my close circle enough.

Speaking of tests, there are many tests you can run on people. I just talked about one of them, ie. seeing if they’re fapping off to some idol. But there’s way more than that. I’ll visit those tests at a later time.

For now, actively look to cut loose more dead meat from your life.

Sharpen your knife and mercilessly slice away!

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