Bobby Axelrod’s *ENERGY* Lessons

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readJul 28


One of the most fascinating tv show characters I know about is Bobby Axelrod from Billions.

I just have to say it out loud.

And yes, whilst he, like most other characters in a fictional tv show is flawed and gets himself into all sorts of trouble, entanglements and quagmires which ultimately makes his life worse, there’s still an aura about never giving up, always coming back and always striving for more.

First of all, take the actor who plays Axe. Damian Lewis. He’s been in Homeland, Band of Brothers and a host of other tv shows and movies. A well established and respected actor with an aura about him which says ‘Always strive for more.’

There’s always more out there.

You just gotta go find it.

Whilst things do not end up well for him, particularly in Homeland [without having spoiled too much if you haven’t watched it yet], the will, the hunger and the charisma to do more oozes out of him. Like vibrations. I know I’m almost entering woo-woo land and I’m happy to say I do, because I don’t think this can be fully explained in scientific terms. Perhaps you could argue that other people perceive Axe, or an Electrifying Persona [EP] in a much more intense way because of their body language, their appearance, their Energy and their will to do more.

That’s what I call Energy.

In Episode 12 of Season 4 Axe ends things with his girlfriend Rebecca in a most devastating manner.

Whilst I do think there were other ways he could have gone about it without breaking up and all of that, the Energy and the will to go to war was like no other.

I particularly remember one scene.

They’re laying in bed at night. Rebecca is sleeping. Axe is not. He cannot sleep. He feels he’s been wronged by Rebecca because she did some sort of deal which overturned one of his wicked plans.

So he’s angry.

He thinks about the future. About them. Having a family together. Having kids. And how he really cannot trust her because of what she did.

And how he now will go to war to preserve what he’s absolutely most interested in…

…himself and his Energy.

You can see in his face as he’s laying there. His eyes do not lie.

Now, the takeaway from this scene is *of course not* to seek out revenge out of spite and contempt. I believe ultimately that will end badly for you.

The takeaway is of course to battle and carry on with your Mission when things get difficult, *especially* to preserve the Energy inside you.

When things get difficult, war is the only way out.

Energy does not know standing still.

Only movements.

Think about that.

I will go into that particular topic, about Energy always being on the move at a later point in time.

For now, you can learn more about EP and Energy overall by applying the lessons in my FREE ebook.

One of those lessons is to appreciate what you have around you. As in showing gratitude. Most, if not all of you, woke up today with two arms and two legs, extremities intact. You breathe and you are able to walk.

You have food and can even choose what sort of beverages you’d like with that food. There is no war or conflict close to where you’re living (or you wouldn’t have been reading this). You have a stable job and perhaps even a family.

Show some appreciation for that.

That doesn’t necessarily take you closer to making millions or getting more girls.

But it does something to increase your Energy Levels and Mood, which is what being an EP is all about.

Alright, I’m not going to spend a whole lot more time revealing stuff about my book.

Instead, here’s how to get it;

Go to my bio.

Click the link.

Follow instructions accordingly.

And I’ll see you on the other side.