Bowel cancer…

Needless to say, having bowel cancer is horrible.

Let’s just get those facts straight.

And while the outcome of cancer may vary, give or take, there is almost one hundred percent certain that a couple of things are going to happen:

1) There will be a prolonged period of pain, both mentally and physically
2) There will be an urgency to get rid of the pain as soon as possible.

Now, I know plenty of people who have gone through cancer treatment and survived. And back as stronger human beings. One guy I actually used to be in the military with. I don’t know what kind of got, but I believe it was located in his gut. What I do know also is that he went in and out of hospitals for a year, undergoing treatment and overall looking miserable during that time. He also had to, according to himself, ‘run for the restroom’, multiple times because of all the stuff his body went through.

But he survived and today he’s doing just fine.

I even think he has a couple of kids as well.

Good for him.

Now, I don’t know in particular how much pain he went through.

But I do know he had some very bad days. Days of pain. Like it was chronic.

What I also know is something that a lot of people who suffer from pain in their bodies tend to get a much better life after having consumed CBD oil.

Obviously people’s mileage may vary. There are lots of factors involved.

But customer testimonials clearly indicate that there is a lot of potential in CBD oil. Be that a simple placebo effect or not.

Now, before you consider buying CBD oil to get rid of your pain issues, know that it’s usually quite expensive and that there are no scientific ‘evidence’ or ‘proof’ that supports the notion that CBD oil can curb someone’s pain.

More, there’s a lot of people who think that just taking CBD oil automatically will remove your pain immediately. That’s not how it works in most cases. It *could* utterly remove your pain in an instant without you having to do anything else, but then you’re probably in the 0.00000001% of people whose bodies are just extremely receptive and susceptible to CBD oil treatment.

Usually, change in diet, change in lifestyle and so on, in addition to, for example, ordinary cancer treatments and then use CBD oil to ease your pain is what it takes.

However, if you feel like you’ve tried everything else and it’s just not working, then I do fully believe you should give CBD oil a shot.

Just don’t expect it to cure your AIDS, cancer or Covid-19 issues.



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