Can CBD oil really help you out with this?

I remember one particular incident from soccer practice when I was about 8 or so years old.

I was going for the ball. Was running against it. The ball was in mid-air. So I had to head the ball. Those of you who know soccer know that it’s not allowed to use one’s hands on the ball, unless you’re the keeper or there’s some special situation going on. So, I ran for the ball and jumped. Touched it with my forehead, got it out of the way. Then, as I landed, I sprained my ankle. I’d managed to land with my foot blade in a vertical position, so that the ankle got a massive hit.

I immediately fell to the ground in pain.

I couldn’t move the foot, much less touch it. It was that bad. I put some ice on it, but it really didn’t help.

In short, I’d become temporary disabled. Had to walk on crutches for some weeks following the incident. Of course I couldn’t play more soccer. I also couldn’t do anything else but sit inside and look at the other kids as they were playing in the schoolyard.

It made me feel lonely, made me get real emotional.

Usually, I’d be out running around, playing all sorts of games together with my pals. I’d socialize. Have fun. Laugh. Cry. Wonder. Be afraid. Be happy. You know, all the things that kids do when they’re growing up.

Safe to say, that month or so when I was on crutches was one of the worst times of my entire life.

Oh, how much I missed just walking around. Instead of sitting inside all day.

Not to mention playing soccer.

And, when the day finally came that I’d been free from the crutches and my ankle was all good again, words cannot describe what I felt and what went through my mind. It felt so good being allowed run out in the field, to play soccer again and to just get outside and spend time there.

Nowadays, I don’t play soccer that much. In fact, I hardly play it. But, I still like being outside in nature and find peace there. And, you know who else would love to go outside and run like a maniac? Lots of people who suffer from heel and foot pain. Especially those whose heels burn so much it feel like they’re walking in flames. It’s like they were cursed with chronic pain and that they’re meant to suffer for the rest of their lives.

In fact, one woman’s feet hurt so bad, she actually had to ask her children to physically beat her with their fists, just to distract her from her foot pain. Sounds like an old joke, right? But it’s true.

And there are stories of people who have to use an ice pack beneath a pillow and have their feet rest on it for the entire night, otherwise they cannot sleep.

Imagine having to actually drag a pack of ice with you to bed, just so you could sleep. Sounds crazy, right?

But it’s not.

This is how many people with chronic pain disorders live their lives, and it’s affecting them a lot. They all of a sudden just cannot go and play soccer. Or even go somewhere at all. Because it literally hurts so much just walking.

Now, there are tens of supplements that might or might not work. A lot of them, if not all, require that you have to go to the doctor to get a prescription. Then you have to go to the drug store to see if they have it in stock. If they don’t, well that’s just too bad. Not to mention the various side effects that you may have to live with, potentially for the rest of your life.

Such is not the case with CBD oil.

CBD oil’s only option is to help you heal from your pain.

And that’s it.

So go get some!



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