Can lack of motivation turn you into a pedophile creep?

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readApr 25, 2021


Warning. Today’s email is disgusting. But also important. Read and stay prepared to say ‘What the f***?’


One of the most disgusting atrocities I’ve ever seen in a while wasn’t anything related to war.


It was a small boy who posed as a dating coach but deep within was so insecure of himself, he didn’t have much success with getting girls. And the girls he got and posed with weren’t exactly attractive. Let’s just say that. I wouldn’t have ‘hired’ this boy to be my dating coach.

But this pales in comparison to what he did in his spare time.

If it was in his spare time though and not all the time.

You see, this small boy went to places where people took their children.

He then produced his cell phone and took pictures of these children and…..

I’m not even going to finish that sentence.

It’s just gross, let’s leave it with that. You all can imagine what kind of nasty thoughts went on in his head. Especially when it came to getting girls. He failed in getting the attractive girls because he lacked the proper motivation.

But unlike most people who actually work on getting what they want, this slimebag went after those he shouldn’t.


Whether you struggle getting girls, you’re worried over your upcoming test or there’s something else that bothers you in life and you can’t find the motivation to do so, I dare say why.

You have a lack of FOCUS.


It’s the lack of CLEAR and CONSISTENT FOCUS that keeps you on the fence.

And the results are lacking.

You just need that extra BOOST to get going so that you can consistently work for hours without getting interrupted or feeling bad. Whether it is working on that report that’s due tomorrow or picking up cute girls.

Go here to get your dose of [REDACTED]:



And that’s it. I was truly outraged when I wrote this email as it is beyond me how anyone can do such things.

It’s also a great way of getting content, since it’s very provokative and I take a firm (and right) stance.


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