Can sleep be useless?

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readApr 6, 2021


Seriously, can sleep be useless? Is there some such as ‘wasted sleep?’

Read on to find out…


Let’s not even pretend this isn’t an issue…

Sleep is so important for your body, Especially as you age. If you don’t get enough sleep during the Night your overall health will start to decrease. You will physically deteriorate. You may get a lot of diseases and other conditions easier.

And you may end up getting Alzheimer’s Disease and live the last years of your life as a vegetable.

So let’s say you actually sleep Well.


But what’s the use of sleep if you wake up, feeling groggy and your head is in a fog?

How Well have you really rested if you NEED those mugs of coffee in the morning to ‘wake up’ and to ‘clear your head?’

You may have laid in bed during the Night…

You may have had your eyes closed and even Snored a little…

But how energized are you?

If you recognize these issues and you frequently wake up feeling tired, groggy and you rely on outside substances to ‘really wake up’, why not just get a good night’s sleep in the first place?

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So, the conclusion is really up to you. I’m not that big an expert on sleep, but I will say, there have been plenty of nights where I haven’t slept properly. And let’s not forget that a lot of people just ‘need’ their morning coffee or they’re not awake.

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