Can we just be honest about pain?

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readNov 13, 2020


You know all the bad advice you see out there about health and pain?

Oh, I’m quite sure you know what I mean. You’ve seen it. You probably get bombarded with it every single day. And you’re growing so tired from reading page after page after page about how a supplement contains some old Chinese or Eastern Asian herb that they used way back in the old days to cure pain. Often, it has a difficult name to pronounce, and now they’re glorifying this little thing as it’s the next Health Supplement Christ.

More, aren’t you growing tired of all the ‘doctors’ and ‘health experts’ that endorse these supplements?

I know, they’re doctors and medically qualified professionals.

And, I’m not. So don’t consider this health advice.

But, before you go on your merry way to chase yet another pain killing supplement that ‘guarantees instant pain relief’ or whatever kind of baloney they want to shove down your throat, think about the following for a second;

Let’s say you’ve got a health supplement and there’s a doctor who’s endorsing it, and he’s ‘never seen anything like it’ or is ‘totally surprised.’

Apart from being a doctor and having read lots of books and passed some exams, what does he really know about pain relief unless he’s been through it himself?

What I mean is, you can be a doctor, and don’t know anything at all about how it feels to be in pain. Let’s say that you’re in excellent shape, you train, you work out, you’ve never had a pain problem or been severely injured at all during your life. You’ve gone to medical school. You’ve got the best grades. You got straight A’s all the way and you graduated from medical school as the top graduate that year.

You’ve done internships and really excelled in what you do. You’re the best at, let’s say, nerve surgery (I don’t know if that’s a thing, by the way). There’s nobody on earth who knows how to cut apart and sew together nerves, like you do.


But you’ve *NEVER, EVER* had any chronic pain problems in your life.

You don’t know how it feels like to wake up in the morning, feeling like your head is on fire, your shoulders and arms ache and it hurts just walking on that cold floor because you forgot to put your warm slippers next to the bed.

Are you honestly telling me that you, Mr. Doctor, who’s never had any chronic pain disorders in your life, know how it is to have pain?

Do you know what it feels like?

Do you know that this ancient tribal medicine powder you claim to be so great and has cured pain for thousands of years, will actually work?

When you’ve never done it yourself?

If you ask me, that’s almost like asking a bookworm who’s read a lot of books on how to pick up girls, yet has never gotten laid.

He knows the theory, but lacks the practical part.

I’m not saying that focusing on the practical part and missing out on the theory is what you should do.

I’m just saying, there’s something that’s called CBD oil.

And…I guess you’ll have to find out the rest yourself.