Canada’s Hellfire Lessons

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readAug 20


I was just reading a little about all of the forest fires in Canada going on currently.

According to some expert, ‘climate changes could increase the possibilities of hot, dry weather which could cause forest fires.’

No shit Sherlock.

And whilst I’m not even going to entertain the argument about climate changes and all the sissies and Karens yapping on and on about how we must save everything from going to Hell in a handbasket and the answer for all the world’s problems is to eat bugs, vegetables and stay inside with a mask, I’m going to deep dive a little into the other part of the statement.

Namely the dry and arid weather.

You see, just as these atrocious Hellfires have a potential for being unleashed because of the weather,

So does your Energy.

And whilst I’m not saying you are, or should pretend to be, a Forest Fire, you surely can find ‘your hot and arid weather’ to help boost your Energy.

Lots and lots of ways that can be done through.

I know I find mine through a combination of proper rest, nutrition, sleep, recover and also by socializing.

In fact, whenever I feel tired or fatigued for some reason [yes it does happen], I also draw a lot of my Energy from being around other people. In fact, a lot of the times when I used to work night shifts, and we would have the shift changes early in the morning, when I was tired, sleepy and really just wanted to go home, I would always have my Energy levels go up as I was interacting with my coworkers. Even through ordinary, boring not very inspirational discussions.

But there was something else that was interesting.

My potential and how I would be open to listening to other people, even if I didn’t necessarily have the brain capacity to let everything sink in.

Except my Energy.

And I use that ability wherever I go.

Put on a stage with a mic. I’m going to be talking all day long, absorbing and seeking out the Energy from the crowd.

Same if you put me next to someone on a plane or a train. If they’re up to it, I’m *always* up to it. Notice, I’m saying they need to be up for it. It takes two to tango. And nobody likes someone who imposes if they want to sleep or rest and so on.


Find *your* potential and use it to create more Energy as The Hellfire in Canada.

And speaking of potential and Energy, I’m going to promote a little something I’ve written in that regard.

It is actually a book about Energy and how to become what I call an Electrifying Persona.

You know, the kind of people who always seem to have a certain ‘buzz’ about them going on. Whatever they say or do, there’s an aura, some sort of charisma following them.

And I happen to know how to create that charisma.

At least from an Energy perspective.

The concept is really simple. Notice I say ‘simple’ and not easy. All you have to do is *choose* to be an Energized Person. It begins with your Inner Mental state. Preferrably Your Happiness.

I’m not going to spill the beans more, other than saying that you’ll learn a lot more in the book.

Want the book for FREE?

I’ll tell you how.

Just go to my bio. Click the link and follow instructions.

And I will see you on the other side.