Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readOct 22, 2020


I don’t know exactly where and when the term Catch-22 was coined.

But I do know it describes a situation where, if you have two choices, either choice is going to make your life worse in any way. Basically, it means that you are, for lack of a better expression, screwed. Your life will get worse anyway, so you might as well do whatever makes you spend the least amount of energy.

Doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t.

One poor soul I heard about recently found herself in such a situation.

What happened was, a woman had applied for disability.

At least, that was what she said.

She probably meant that she’d applied for government benefits in the form of money, because she suffered from so great pain in her body, she was unable to work. But, because of the paper mill and the insane amount of time it takes the bureaucracy to even process one single application, she couldn’t afford to wait it out.

So, she was forced to go back to a have a regular dayjob so she could put food on the table and pay rent until her application had been approved.

But, here’s the real Catch-22.

By going back to having a regular job, she actually proves that her body can physically tolerate and sustain being in the workforce. As such, she quite likely wouldn’t have qualified for being clinically disabled, since she was working. Judges would definitely consider work history, even if it was just part time.

But, she needed the money.

And the waiting time was so long.

So, what to do?

Well, the simple fact is, I really don’t know what to do about that.

Not am not a lawyer or have any kind of education or qualifications within the legal area, so this is just my opinion and must not be considered advice. But, if I were a judge and I was to consider approving someone as ‘disabled’ while they were still working…

…you can probably guess where this is going, right?

I don’t think it would be wise to go back to the workforce by nearly killing yourself and then having your disability application denied.

However, this is strictly something you should speak with a qualified professional within the legal area about.

As for dealing with the *real* issue at hand — the pain itself, I might or might not know a few tips or tricks.

But, as with everything, this ain’t no magical cure. If you’re looking for some witch doctor living in a third world country that wants you to eat their herbs and magically have your pain or whatever kind of disorder you’re suffering from going away in an instant, best look elsewhere.

What I’m about to tell you takes real effort, hard work and patience.

And quite frankly speaking, there is nothing ‘exciting’ or ‘revolutionizing’ about this method. Perhaps that’s why so many are repelled by it.

But, for those who actually put in the work and are willing to sacrifice a lot of time and effort to deal with their pain problems, the reward can be God-like.

Yes, I’m saying *can be*, because there is absolutely no guarantee that this will work.

However, for those whom it has actually worked for…let’s just say it feels like they’re born again.

So if you’re committed to radically changing your life, working hard and consistent over time and be patient, here’s what I suggest you’d do;

Start dieting correctly. Eat clean, whole foods. Non-processed foods. Cut down on the sugar and the booze.

To the best of your ability, start exercising one way or the other. It can be as simple as just going for a 10 minute walk a day. Or doing pushups, sit-ups and squats in your living room. If you have the ability to do so, go to a gym.

And, as the icing of the cake, take CBD oil.

Do these three steps consistently over time, and you may see your life get drastically changed later rather than sooner.

Success seldom comes easily.