CBD Counter-Conspiracy Claims

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMay 6, 2020


In danger of sounding like a true conspiracy lunatic, some disturbing news dropped the other day.

I watched a video of a couple of doctors who hosted a press conference about the Covid-19 pandemic and how the Coronavirus has virtually turned the world upside down lately. Or that is, State Governors who are surrounded by know-it-all ‘advisors’ and old doctors who hide in their labs and offices who don’t see the real world for what is, and more importantly, how this virus unfolds and what kind of disease it causes amongst people.

Now, I forgot the numbers the doctors presented, but that’s not important.

What is important is according to the latest statistics of the two past month — statistical data that various countries, states and hospital have reported to their respective governments and local authorities, the mortality rate is pretty much on the same level as that of regular flu.

Also, there is a 97% or so chance of full recovery.

Just like with the regluar flu.

Again, this is just me summarizing what I’ve heard.

So it would appear that this whole idea of shutting down the society, preventing people from going to their jobs, quarantining the healthy (just chew on that for a second) and sending the world into a financial cataclysm is for nothing.

Yes, I realize this has developed into a rant, but it’s an important rant.

Patience, Capt’n. I’m getting to the point in a few.

Anyway, what I found to be personally the most disturbing thing is that patients who have reportedly died from Covid-19, perhaps would have died anyway. What I mean by that is that in many cases, according to these doctors and colleagues that they speak with all over the US, a lot of patients who die, who have Covid-19, also have other fatal illnesses and diseases such as for example diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and various lung conditions. The whole situation is so complex that you cannot safely say that Covid-19 killed them.

In other words, you cannot safely say whether someone died from Covid-19 or with Covid-19.

Worse, for reasons unknown that I personally think is monetary, a lot of doctors are ‘pressured’ by their own management to list Covid-19 as the death cause, even though that cannot be verified.

The patients’ situations are just way too complex to give one good answer.

But Covid-19 deaths are ‘in’ these days, and since it would be equally difficult to prove that Covid-19 *didn’t* kill the patients, what the hell, why don’t we just list it as the cause of death? Maybe we’ll get some government fundings and…

…I’m gonna stop it there before I go full lunatic on this one.

I of course don’t have any ‘evidence’ to support what I’m saying other than pure speculation.

But human nature is, has always been and will be selfish.

Be that as it may.

What I also know is that a lot of people who suffer from many of the diseases listed above have seen their lives drastically improve with CBD oil.

And no, for the record, I *do not* make any claims whatsoever that CBD oil can cure someone for Covid-19.

I’m just saying that if you have type 2 diabetes, you’re fat and overweight and you have joint inflammation, CBD oil will may help you relieve some of that pain. As for Covid-19, well, best follow the medical advice that’s been issued by your local doctor.

Also, losing fat wouldn’t probably hurt you either. Never does. Unless you already have less than 10% bodyfat.

At least, that’s what the medical literature tells us about fat.

Anyway, I’ll just end this half-rant by saying that if you have joint inflammation, it wouldn’t hurt you to check out CBD oil. The only thing is, the taste isn’t the best.

But I think you’ll handle a bad taste over a swollen joint that’s aching and giving you trouble every day.

After all, there’s cranberry juice to wash it down with.