CBD Oil Has A New Believer

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readApr 15, 2020


Lo and Behold, My Faithful Reader,

The Gospel of CBD oil continues to awaken new Skeptics to become Disciples of the Faith.

At least, that’s what happened to this one fella.

A former law enforcement and ex military guy who declared himself right wing and also someone who really didn’t believe in, according to his own words, ‘holistic mumbo-jumbo’ struggled with some unpleasant and very annoying issues.

He had a skin condition that didn’t want to go away. Although it didn’t say, I’m pretty sure it was eczema or something closely related to it. His skin was dry. Aching. Itching. Almost to the point of burning. His cholesterol levels weren’t good, either. Too high.

And on top of that, he had an unbalanced digestive system that, erhm, uhm, ahem….no, I’ll just don’t write that in here. You can probably work out yourself what his issue was.

So, being the skeptic he was, he rightfully tried a bunch of conventional medicines.

Hydration cremes.

Fungus medications.

Skin creams.

And so on. A bunch of other medications and aids. Neither of which worked. None of his issues would go away and he was getting kind of desperate. No wonder, if you’re itching here and there, your cholesterol levels are high and your doctor quite likely starts talking about cardiovascular diseases, and you cannot pass stools easily…


That was the one thing I shouldn’t say. Whatever. Now I said it.

So, in sheer desperation, he turned to CBD oil.

And in just one week, there was drastic improvement. In all areas. Today (I don’t know how long time it was since he first started taking it), there is no issue. Cholesterol levels are fine. No irritated skin. And he can visit the restroom and do you know what without problems.


CBD oil has saved yet another Lost Soul.

Now, throwing aside all that religious stuff for a while…

CBD oil isn’t necessarily going to do ‘wonders’ for you in that regard. Unless you happen to be one of the rare specimens whose body instantly reacts to the treatment.

You see, different people have different bodies. Some bodies just respond quicker to the treatment than others. That’s how it is.

Now, does that mean you shouldn’t use CBD oil?

Of course not.

Just don’t expect things to magically change overnight without putting in some effort as well. Such as lifestyle and diet change, and especially patience.

Because things take time.

Knowing that will propel you ahead of the rest of the curve.