Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readFeb 3


I’m not sure where I first read this name.

I think it must have been on some financial blog ages ago. Back when I was one of’em frugal savers who thought I could save myself to riches. To this day I fully do not understand what or how I was thinking. Good luck putting aside $200 a month in 30 years and have a million or two at age 75. I’d much rather have my money right now.

Anyway, one of those financial bloggers used that term.


I believe it was to describe people, who in the comments sections of his blog just wanted to complain and moan and brought nothing productive to the table.

Basically the sort of people you want nothing to do with because all they do is focusing on the negative.

Wait a minute, doesn’t that sound like a lot of ordinary people that many of you surround yourself with? You know, your so-called ‘friends’ who always focus on the bad stuff. Complaining about their job, their colleagues, their salary, how their clients suck, how they can’t find a girlfriend, how they basically can’t get whatever they want in life.

And you are the target for their misery.

Keep in mind, misery loves company, so when they come to you and complain, you feel quite down.

We’ve all been there.

Having to deal with these complainypants who steal all your time and energy and leave you feeling bad.

Now, what do you do about dealing with these people?

How can you navigate these treacherous waters?

What can you do to deal with these people in a way so that you either do not have to tell’em in their faces to get lost, but rather ‘scare’ them away using certain tactics and techniques that will all but guarantee that they vanish over time?

What is this ‘secret sauce’ to having Energy Vampires, Time Thieves and Complainypants disappear?

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