‘Concerned’ versus ‘Worried’

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readAug 13


‘If you think about something for long enough without doing it, you’ve wasted a lot of calories.’

I’ve forgotten who spoke these words. It certainly wasn’t me. I cannot remember who it was, unfortunately. Not sure where I read it either. Probably somewhere on the Internet. But it it so true, and I believe a lot of you readers and other people in this world are guilty of falling victim to this horrible practice.

Especially if you think about it and what you really are doing.

You are effectively giving away *Your Time* and *Your Energy* to something which you may never even experience.

In exchange for what?


This is where I’d like to quote good ole’ Dale Carnegie a little.

This is not an excerpt from How To Win Friends And Influence People although I love that book. It is an excerpt, or rather, some lessons, from another book which he wrote; ‘How To Stop Worrying And Live Life’. The title pretty much reveals what the book is about. And I bet a lot of people could benefit from going through the book.

One of the key cornerstones in the book is to just take one day at a time when you’re going through something that’s tough.

Another thing is, distinguish between being concerned and worried.

Do not worry as in spending your Energy and Time over something you cannot change. The tax bill will arrive sooner or later. You will lose a near relative to death eventually in life. So on and so forth. But that doesn’t mean you have to walk around being worried over everything that potentially could go wrong each day.

But you can be concerned and use that concern to plan properly for your life.

‘I know I’m late on my tax this year. So I better put aside some money for that extra tax bill that’s gonna arrive sooner or later.’

‘I know mom doesn’t have many years left. I should probably visit her at least twice a month’

‘I know my car is old. It probably doesn’t hurt to have another inspection carried out, just for the sake of safety.’

So on and so forth.

That is proper planning and you’re doing so *knowing that you are preparing for dealing with potential misfortune later in life*.

That is different than worrying over things you cannot change.

Do you see this brilliant way of applying worry versus concern and how it ties into you being an Electrifying Persona [EP]?

This is really what being an EP is all about, in its core.

Finding out what’s taking away Your Energy and what is giving you Energy.

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So, stop giving away your most precious assets to that which do not deserve it.

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