Crazy Car Conspiracies

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readJul 24, 2020


One of the most awful things I know is when I’m out driving and there’s a problem with the car.

Imagine the following: you’ve driven for maybe two hours and you have a long ride left. Your two kids have finally settled in the backseat, and there’s a natural peace and quietness over the whole car. There are no disturbances or no distractions. Traffic isn’t too bad either, the weather is good and you’re really getting in the mood. Everything seems to be going fine and you actually will make it to the destination faster than what you thought in the first place.

Fantastic, right?

But sadly, the joy doesn’t last very long.

Because before you know it, a yellow light starts showing in your car display.

And you don’t know what it means. All you know is that you for sure have to go to a mechanic or a garage to get it fixed.

Spend extra money on something that you hadn’t planned for.

That extra trip that you had been hoping for is now gone. There is no way you actually can pay for that trip while at the same time afford going to the garage with your car.

Of course this happened during the summertime when everybody are supposed to be ‘happy’ and all smiles. It’s expected of you that you actually show up and have a good time. Even if there’s a problem with your car and you now have to make other plans for the vacation. To make matters worse, it’s Saturday and the car garages won’t open until Monday. That means that you risk having to stop somewhere and not being able to go any further until Monday. It all depends on your engine. If the yellow light turns red it means you cannot drive any more.

Else your car gets wrecked.

The insecurity and the waiting really grates on you.

You hate it.

It makes you moody. It makes you want to tell people to go shove it somewhere and to stop bothering you.

You just want to be left alone. Because you’re not good company right now. All your plans have been ruined. What is there to smile for, really? Now that all you have to do is wait for the insanely high bill from the garage that will severely affect your finances.

For the worse.

First of all you have to refill the emergency fund that you’ve been struggling to stack up lately. Second of all, you have to cut down costs for a long period of time because you have to save so much money and live cheap. And you may not even get to drive your car.

People ask you why you’re so sad and angry.

And all you do is just for your car problem to go away. Why can’t they understand?

Well, guess what?

Just like people who struggle with car problems may be moody, so do people who struggle with chronic pain issues. In fact, they can be perceived as quite moody and grumpy all the time. If this is you, you know well what I’m talking about. What is there to smile for when you’re in a lot of pain all day long?

And people want you to ‘light up their day’ or whatever.

But you have to energy or power to do that.

First of all, it takes a lot of effort from your side to do that. Second, you need to take care of your own problems first. And that means, you cannot use any energy to make other people’s day good.

It means you’re confined to yourself.

At least mentally.

All day long.

Pretty sad, right?

If you want to do something about your chronic pain issues, whether you have car problems or not, here’s a suggested way for you:

Start with CBD oil.