Day in the life of someone with a headache

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readSep 19, 2020


Picture the following:

You’re waking up, phone’s going off and you haven’t slept properly for the last 15 or so nights in a row. If you’re lucky you get on average about 3–4 hours of sleep a night, but there’s always some kind of disturbance that wakes you up from your sleep. Either you need to use the restroom, you wake up in pain or you’re extremely hot or extremely cold.

So, not the best of starts on your day.

The floor is ice cold. You know that just stepping on it will cause your feet to feel like they’re made of lead or steel. Like there are no tendons or ligaments left. Stiff and rigid. And, it’s going to hurt so much before you finally manage to sink into your comfortable slippers that you’ve put…somewhere.

Ideally, you should’ve put them next to your bed.

But as always, you wore them while pacing around doing something else.

So, they’re usually placed next to the big closet in your bedroom. Which means you have to walk for quite some steps before your feet finally get the warmth that you crave.

So much for a painless start of the day.

It’s a super hectic day. You can already feel how your heart is pounding faster and faster. You need some coffee to get started, else you get those headaches that ruin the rest of your day. But, of course you’ve forgotten to buy coffee because you were out of it, so now there’s no more coffee left. Only tea. And that’s not the same. What’s worse is, you overslept and you’re in a real hurry so you wouldn’t have been able to make yourself coffee even if you had something left.

You barely manage to take a leak, brush your teeth, get dressed before you need to run out through the door and head for work.

You manage to get there in time with barely a minute to save before your workday starts.

Reports, meetings, assignments, client outreach, presentations and so on.

The pressure is relentless.

It’s only a minute past nine in the morning.

And you just want to lay down and sleep. But you cannot. Because, your day hasn’t even started yet and your colleagues have barely begun to rush through the doors. The air is tense. It’s uncomfortable. It’s fast-paced. Hectic. Not for the faint of heart.

Just when it couldn’t get any worse, all of a sudden you remember that you’ve struggled with an intense headache for 15 days already.

It’s what has kept you up at night. Prevented you from doing your best at work. It’s why your boss and your colleagues are starting to get tired of you. And your excuses. To them, you’re an underachiever. A weakling. Someone who doesn’t belong in their company.

The worst part of it is that you know it’s true.

You can do so much better if it weren’t for that damn headache of yours. That keeps bugging you day in and day out.

You’ve consumed copious amounts of coffee. Painkillers. Pills. Other drugs. And it just won’t stop. You’ve tried meditating. Mindfulness. Mental training. And it just doesn’t do anything good for you.

The headache is still there and it doesn’t appear to go away anytime soon.

What more can you do?

If I’d come with a slight suggestion it would have been two things.

1) Realize that the pain won’t go away immediately after trying out what is being suggested in point 2) and therefore give it time to work.

2) Try CBD oil and stop using other lab developed drugs that cause you side effects, get you addicted and so on.

Of course this assumes that you get the green light from your doctor or any other medical professional.

And with that, I’ve got nothing more to say.

You know what to do.