Do you know what your best friends are?

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readJul 16, 2020


I didn’t either until I heard someone else mention it on a television show.

Why, it is my teeth, of course. But also, my jaw.

This actually reminds me of a horrible experience I had to go through as a sixteen year old kid. My teeth were aching. I couldn’t chew properly. You know how it is when it’s hurting when you chew and then you want to chew on the other side? Well, I couldn’t switch sides either, because it hurt on both sides.

So I had to kind of swallow the food instead of chewing it.

Very unpleasant.

And believe you me, the visit with the dentist was even more unpleasant. He was one of the old skool guys. Who didn’t believe in anaesthetics. So, when he announced that he’d seen two holes in my teeth, one on either side of the jaw, he started drilling away. I nervously asked if he weren’t gonna use anaesthetics, whereupon he condescendingly replied ‘Those things never work, so there’s no use.’

I think to this very day that is the most painful thing I’ve ever done.

30 seconds felt like half an hour.

I struggled not to cry.

In particular because the pain wasn’t only in my teeth. If it had been limited to that area, that would have sort of made it okay. But, the pain had spread to the whole jaw. It felt like my whole lower jaw was stiff and rigid and I barely couldn’t move my mouth at all. Eating was out of the question. Maybe a soup or something would suffice.

But any chewing simply was futile.

That painful memory got me thinking about this woman whom I heard of who suffered from TMJ — Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, which is an inflammation that occurs in the jaw. It can be quite severe and leave patients in so much pain that they hardly can eat.

And this poor lady had tried everything she could.

Gargling salt water.

Doing jaw exercises that made people look at her like she was crazy when she was out in public.

Massaged the jaw.

Taken countless and countless numbers of regular prescription drugs.

And nothing seemed to work. She was still on a 7 on the pain scale (according to herself).

I’ll just say the following.

That poor woman. I hope that’s never me.

And I’m so grateful that there’s CBD oil out there that has helped so many other people with inflammation problems. Both in their jaws and elsewhere.

It should be unnecessary to say anything more.

However, if you suffer from TMJ or anything that slightly reminds you of it, then why in the world haven’t you started with CBD oil yet? Instead of wasting time, going to the doctor and begging for prescriptions for horrible lab developed drugs that quite likely will give you side effects and may even get you addicted to them?

Follow Mother Nature’s way of healing.

Follow CBD.

And that is all.