Does coffee really dumb you down? Read this if you disagree!

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readMay 7, 2021


Controversial headline today. Read and find out more.


I’ll get to the coffee stuff eventually, just let me tell you this first.

What can a recovering alcoholic and a dementia patient have in common?

Vitamin B1 deficiency.

What that means is, your brain’s departments that’s associated with memory, heart regulation and even movement.

Let’s talk more about loss of memory and in particular, brain fog.

One of the things associated with brain fog is loss of memory. Such as a person’s name, their whereabouts or what time you were supposed to be at a certain place. In other words, it’s extremely inconvenient to forget such things.

Let’s visit some details regarding how challenging your life can be if you start losing track of what you’re supposed to do and where you’re supposed to be.

Especially if you’re old and you live by yourself.

In fact, I once heard this horror story about an old woman who started seeing things that weren’t happening. She lived by herself.

In her living room there was an old fireplace. On the pipe going from the fireplace to the chimney, she thought she saw little children sitting.

Since that pipe was hot she was certain the little child she imagined seeing got burnt.

So she took her walking stick and started hitting the imaginary children that weren’t there, hoping that they’d fall down and run away.

What that did was causing the pipe to break apart.

So now the smoke from the fireplace couldn’t enter the chimney.

I don’t know what happened next, but I believe the old woman was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a little while later and had to enter a nursing home.

Anyway, if she’d started taking a nootropic supplement she could have gotten that important daily dose of Vitamin B1.

Oh, and the coffee lovers are going to hate this.

Oh, and according to an article I read on, coffee can block B1 absorption.

Which means, she shouldn’t drink so much coffee.

From what I remember, she consumed that a lot.

Anyway, let’s get on with the point.

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This headline serves two points. First and foremost it’s a little unusual because there aren’t many health supplements that talk about how lack of one vitamin dumbs you down, citing the source. Second of all the headline is quite controversial and provocative which means more clicks


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