Dog cancer treatment?

An interesting story popped up the other day.

Here goes:

‘A CBD oil we sell at the store was given to a dog with a massive tumor, within two weeks the tumor has reduced its size 75%. Why is cannibis still illegal in SC!!!!’

A couple of things to note.

First and foremost, it’s cannAbis, not cannibis.

Second of all, how about taking it easy on those expression marks? It’s not like that we don’t understand that if this is true, it’s a big deal.

Which brings me to the most important point.

The above story is totally in line with how snake oil vendors, scam artists and con men sell their products. They take a story, blow it up to something much bigger than what it really is and then use it as a reason to buy. Doesn’t really matter if the truth gets a little twisted, as well.

Not only that, but how in the world does this fella know that the dog tumour was reduced to one fourth of its original size? Did he physically measure it, or did he know anyone who did?

Now, I’m no medical professional. If it’s common practice to measure a dog’s tumour before and after treatment at the vet, that might be. Maybe they can measure the tumour on X-ray scans or whatever. I don’t really know. What I assume is that this fella isn’t a vet.

The essence of the most important point is this: even if the dog’s tumour was reduced by 75% after consuming CBD oil, that still doesn’t mean that the CBD oil alone was responsible for it.

Did the dog receive additional treatment during those two weeks?

What about prior to taking CBD oil? Did the dog receive any medical help leading up to consuming the CBD oil? Could it be that if so, said treatment just took a long time to function properly, and by coincidence, during those two weeks where the dog consumed CBD oil, the prior medication started reducing the tumour?

Or could it be that the tumour just naturally reduced itself?

Again, I’m just guessing and assuming.

What I’m asserting is that such statements above are known as anecdotes, stories, and they certainly don’t count as ‘evidence’, ‘proof’ or ‘documentation’.

So if you ever come across someone who makes statements like these, make sure to run the other way as fast as you can.

However, if after reading all this, and you agree that there is no way a dog’s tumour could have been reduced by CBD oil alone, and you wish to buy CBD oil for your ill dog, I won’t stop you.

Could be that CBD oil is just what the dog needs.

Even if it just makes the dog ‘feel better’.

Now, I have no idea how it looks like when a dog ‘feels’ better compared to when it actually ‘is’ better. I guess in both cases it doesn’t squeak and vent and is a little more energetic. Perhaps if it only feels better it cannot run as much or fetch a stick if you throw it.

I really have no clue. I’m not a dog person.

I’ll just say this:

From here on, it should be quite easy for you.

Just go online and buy some CBD oil. Whether you want your dog to just ‘feel’ or ‘do’ better.


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