As I’m typing these words, there’s a blistering pain in both of my index fingers.

Actually, make that my thumbs and my middle fingers as well. I have blisters on all of them. On my right thumb, there’s actually not one, but *two* blisters. And they’re the tiny, yet hurtful ones. You know the blisters that aren’t that big and that make you wonder how something so small can hurt so much. And, for how long it’s going to hurt. And so on. Of course, they also make you wonder how long you’re going to have to endure this pain and when it’ll eventually go away.

I won’t lie, this is some of the worst pain I’ve had for quite some time.

And it’s 100% self-inflicted as well.

Here’s what happened:

I was doing a Zoom boxing session. Yes, can you believe it? By the help of modern technology, a webcam and some creative solutions, my boxing coach set up a boxing session for us using the Zoom app. It worked really well. He monitored us all and called us out if we did something wrong or didn’t commit enough. Of course, since we all were scattered around, we couldn’t spar against each other. But, we still were able to practice the basics.

So to practice the basics we had to take certain steps forward, backwards, etc.

In order to accurately do so, we had a triangle, a quadrant, an hourglass and so on that we were meant to follow. However, I didn’t have anything to draw on. What I mean by that is that one of the attendees stood on a mat and was able to draw the directions that we were meant to follow on the mat.

I couldn’t draw on the floor of my living room.

So I had to be a little more creative. I thus decided to use the roll of duck tape that I had lying in the cupboard, to ‘draw’ the lines we were supposed to follow. That worked very well. I was able to follow the directions and they really made sense. Especially because I was able to pay somewhat attention to my feet.

However, after the session had ended, it was time to remove the tape from the floor, because I’m renting the apartment where I’m currently living in. And I know the landlady well enough to understand that she wouldn’t appreciate duck tape on the floor.

Which meant I had to remove it.

And that proved to be way more difficult than I thought it would be.

There’s a reason why they say; ‘If you can’t duck it, fuck it!’ (Yes, this is one of very few times that I’ll use a curse word). It’s because the duck tape is so solid, so tough and the glue and fabric are so strong. As I was attempting to remove the duck tape lines on my floor, I was able to roll loose the top layer of the duck tape. But, the ‘fabric layer’, the layer that does all the job of the tape, still was stuck to the floor. And it just wouldn’t come off. I tried using a kitchen knife, a kitchen spatula, a scrape and lots of other kitchen utensils. But the tape didn’t want to come off. The only thing that actually seemed to be able to do the job properly was my finger. Or that is, fingers. I don’t know why, but I think it was because fingers are very docile and soft at their butt end, just underneath the fingernail. And if you’re applying pressure, the tape fabric will actually stick to your skin, and you can sort of ‘un-roll’ the tape from the floor.

This actually worked pretty well.

Only problem was, after a while the skin had had enough.

It literally started to peel off my fingers. At first, ruptures and tears appeared. And it started to hurt a bit.

Then the tears would evolve into cracks and openings that soon there after turned into blisters.

So I had to use more than one finger.

But it still didn’t save me from getting my skin ripped off.


The result is six fingers with blisters on them, and it *really* hurts.

I can’t blame anyone else but myself.

And naturally, I won’t be using duck tape on the floor the next time.

Anyway, the blisters on my fingers is a form of inflammation. Albeit a superficial inflammation. Joint inflammations are different, but the principle remains the same. Pressure on joints because of certain particles or liquids are accumulating.

Just thought you’d be interesting in knowing that.

And, CBD oil has done wonders for a lot of people with joint inflammations.

But don’t you think it’ll help you on duck tape induced inflammations. I’m fairly certain you’ll have to apply patience and time to cope with it.

As for joint inflammations….

…well, you’ll have to decide yourself.

But I’ve never heard anyone complain about CBD oil making things worse.