Early signs of Alzheimer’s?

Back when I was together with one of my exes, we used to fight and argue sometimes.

You know how it is. Especially if you’re in a relationship. You disagree on the simple little things. What to watch on television this evening. Where to put the dirty laundry. Whose turn it is to wash the dishes and so on. All the little things that really don’t mean anything.

It’s more about the argument.

‘She wants to win’ or ‘He’s never giving me a break.’

Things like that.

Now, most of the time it ended up with either me walking away or her walking away and then things would be very quiet for the rest of the evening. Until one of us started to open up again, and we’d both take it from there. It could go quite awhile before anything happened because we’re both very stubborn. Now, I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one who’s been having such a turbulent time in my relationships. In fact, I’d say that this applies for the majority of us.

However, what if you actually were at a loss for words?

I’m not talking about intentionally withdrawing your attention and giving your partner the silent treatment on purpose.

I’m talking about actually not remembering what to say.

Do you know that a lot of people who suffer from several chronic pain conditions get these ‘brain fogs?’. They are these little flares where people start forgetting things, leaving behind stuff. And sometimes they also don’t remember the words that they’re supposed to say. Pretty annoying right? Just imagine yourself when you’re in the heat of the argument. You’re raving and ranting, and you have lots of things to say. But all of a sudden things stop. There’s a choke in the flow. You literally cannot speak because you forgot the word that you were supposed to say.

It makes for both fun and annoying times.

Consider this brief exchange between two women:

Woman one: ‘yes. It’s also super frustrating when I’m fighting with my husband. Lol’

Woman two: ‘When that happens, I just say “I’m not going to say another word till I remember them”.’

And what about this one (not related to arguing with one’s spouse).

Woman three: ‘What brain? If I’m in a flair, I have a hard time forming a sentence. I forgot what my Hydroflask was called. I ended up saying the things with my water. And that was tough.’ [sic]

Obviously things vary from person to person, and some may react different to it than others. Still, the indisputable truth is, that it’s very annoying and frustrating for the one who’s being subjected to it. A lot of people’s relatives start believing that they may have to deal with a case of dementia. When in reality, it’s just the brain fog that clutters their mind.

To solve this, a lot of people have sworn to CBD oil.

Now, I’m not saying that you automatically will ‘brighten up’ if you start taking CBD oil. Obviously everyone’s experience is different. However, most of the people who take CBD oil experience this comforting, lightning and soothing sensation. In many cases, that helps relieving them of the brain fog curtain. Your mileage may vary, though.

If you’re one of these skeptics who require a ton of ‘documentation’ before you buy though, this isn’t for you.

CBD oil is for those who are serious about improving their health and are tired of the pill regimen.

If that’s you, then I believe you’ll benefit a lot from going natural and forgetting about the lab-developed stuff. Keep in mind however, that this isn’t an over the night miracle cure. It takes time, patience, effort and a will to succeed. If you have a sedentary lifestyle where all you do is eating unhealthy foods, watching lots of television and in essence are ‘dumbing down’ your brain, then taking CBD oil will even be futile.

Understand that the CBD oil works as a booster for your improvement — not a total solution.

Get that right and there’s no limit to how far you can go.


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