Eatin’ painkillers like it was candy

Aasmund Ryningen
4 min readNov 10, 2020


Do you remember how life was as a kid when an adult gave you candy?

Oh, I do. I especially remember when one of my uncles who lived far away came to visit our family every now and then. I was always looking forward to him coming. Not so much because I was looking forward to his company. After all, I was a kid who was busy watching television and dreaming about becoming a cop. And he and my parents were talking about adult stuff.

So when I say I was looking forward to his visit, it was because he always was bringing something to us kids.


Lots of it.

He would bring us these big candy bags. The sort of big candy bags that my parents couldn’t ever dream about buying to us kids. Because there was way too much candy in there, and that would only lead to holes in our teeth and stomachaches. However, we were always exempt of the rules when my uncle came and popped us kids full of sugar.

Yeah, those were the days.

However, this whole thing about eating candy like a kid reminds me of something else that I heard about the other day. And it was anything but pleasant. In fact, it was so horrible that I’m even having troubles typing it right here right now, but this story deserves to be told. After all, there might be others out there whose fate is similar, and they’re looking for support, to know that they’re not alone in this world.

So, with that in mind, the thing that I was reminded about was how a woman who was a single mom with three teenage sons and a dog, was struggling in her daily life.

She worked as a chef at a school.

Anyone who’s worked in a kitchen knows that it can take quite the toll on your body, especially if you have to lots of stirring, shaking, kneading, slicing and similar work tasks. Now amplify that with a busy and hectic environment were failure to serve the food at the given time can have grave consequences.

After all, we’re talking about children here.

Anyway, this woman’s boss was always on her neck. She was always bitching and moaning about something. Her boss would often give her a scolding in front of the other chefs.

And leave her with the toughest tasks that nobody else wanted to do.

Every day.

The woman wasn’t given a break.

She always had to work 110% while the other chefs were given breaks and less demanding tasks.

Of course that took its toll on her health and body.

So much that she started getting these pinching pains in her arm and shoulders.

Some days, her arms would go numb. She literally couldn’t lift them. Even if she had to. Because, you know, work.

But, that wasn’t all.

Far from it.

Because, once she got home, she had her dog and her three sons to take care of. She had to pick them up from school, cook them dinner, help them with their homework, do household chores, take them to their leisure activities, before sending them off to bed, and then she could finally rest for an hour or so, before she had to go to bed.

Then, the next day, she had to repeat the whole cycle.

Over and over again.

She tried telling her boss multiple times that she felt overworked and that the workload was heavily skewed in her disfavor. But to no avail. Her boss wouldn’t listen, and kept on ignoring her requests, while throwing more work in her face.

It eventually got so bad that one day, the woman stood up, simply walked out of the kitchen…


Fortunately, the car driver was quick on his feet and hit the brakes, so she wasn’t injured from that incident.

But, as a result, she got laid off, got sent to psychological treatment where they stuffed her full of pills. At the same time, the world shut down because of Corona, so now her sons couldn’t go to school. So it meant that he she had to stay at home, with her kids and her dog, while in serious pain.

To add fuel to fire, her spine had become so twisted over the years, she may have to undergo spinal surgery.

Literally a world of problems right there.

And, her only ‘solace’ in the midst of this misery was to pop herself full of painkillers, like a little child would eat candy.

If you take CBD oil for pain, you only have to take a couple of spoonfuls a day.

​​​​​​​Think long and hard about that.