#Editor’s Cut of Secrets Behind Energy Creation

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readJun 20


Behold the conventional discussion of food, diets, eating and recovery and how it ties into Energy creation.

Below is my take on it.

And before I can hear all the Hounds of Autism [maybe that’s a new term I just coined] shout about how ‘you need food to survive’ and ‘it’s dangerous for your metabolism to not eat because of XYZ study’ and so on, I want to make something quite clear;

This is *not* health advice. I’m not even qualified to give advice.

These are just my general observations.

Also, if you have an unhealthy relationship with food, do not be silly. Actually go seek help.

The following content is for people who do not mind pushing themselves.

So, here we go:

I was thinking about something the other day.

Namely how so many people preach about Energy and how they all tie it back to bland, boring and quite frankly inefficient ways of stacking up more Energy. I know people who say that they cannot go a day without food. Who cannot even skip breakfast because they feel moody, cranky, angry and so on.

Well, I’m the polar opposite of that. You see, I feel *even better* when I walk around hungry, focused, a little stressed out because I haven’t eaten as much as I should.

Now, this is in stark contrast to the ordinary advice about how your body ‘must be refuelled’, how ‘walking around hungry can lead to XYZ disease’ and so on. Contrast that with what the common death causes in our society today are; mostly related to an unhealthy lifestyle, too much food to eat, too much sitting on your arse and too little physical activitity.

Speaking of physical activity, if you’re one of these bodybuilder guys who are looking to gain mass and bulk up, of course y’gotta eat.

Me personally, I work towards being lean, yet muscular. As in, I do not necessarily need to look ripped. Just strong. And be strong. And yes, I know you need food to grow muscle.

But you do not need to eat every 3rd hour. You can even walk around fasted whilst you’re not doing any physical activity.

Again, if you have a competition coming up, follow someone else’s advice.

Consider mine a ‘lifestyle advice’ if you will.

Anyway, let’s get back to food and Energy.

If I eat a good meal and I really want to replenish myself, my energy levels decrease. Just like a massive boa constrictor which feeds off a large mammal. If you do not know how that looks like, google it. The snake literally cannot move for days. That’s how I feel when I’m really fed. So I always make sure to do all my chores and training *before* I eat. I’m just weird like that.

Now, that doesn’t mean I cannot eat in advance of training, but I’d love to eat and give it 2–3 hours before I go train.

Either way, I usually train in the AM, right after getting out of bed.

It’s easier that way.

Anyway, I think you’re beginning to understand the point.

If you’re one of these people who ‘cannot go a day without breakfast’, I challenge you to start with intermittent fasting and take it from there. It works wonders, if you really give it some time and an honest effort.

Also, just see how much ENERGY you’re able to create WITHOUT eating too much food.

Now, if you’d like more details in this regard, I advise you to read my book. I wrote a 28-page jam packed gem with loads of tips and tricks about how to *really* generate more Energy From naught.

Especially if you do not know where to start.

I’ll give you a lil’ hint: It’s easier to begin than you think. Especially if you’re willing to think a little outside of the box and not necessarily follow the ordinary advice given elsewhere.

If you want the book, I’ll make it real easy for you;

Go to my bio and click the link.

And then I shall see you on the other side.