Embarrassment and Energy

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readAug 30


One of the most cringe moments I have ever seen was on some dating show I watched recently.

Some guy was going to do pretend pickup lines at all the girls on the panel. I think there were seven or something girls in total. The catch was, the guy couldn’t use the same line twice. It had to be all different. For context, the guy was married, had kids and worked in sales, so he had some experience talking to strangers and selling them on his idea.

So he started talking to the girls and did quite well in the beginning.

I noticed he was always opening up with ‘Hey how’s it going?’ or some such [might have been something different, but that was pretty much the jist of it].

He was then told by the host that he couldn’t use the same line twice.

Meaning, he could no longer open up with a simple greeting statement.

That appeared to be the end of his game.

At the very least as far as I can recall. I didn’t watch the full episode of the show [who knows, maybe I’ll go back and watch it after having written this email, to me it was quite the interesting spectacle].

Something to reflect on:

The bloke in question had great Energy and a good vibe going into the whole talking show. Good body language, proper conduct, carried himself respectfully and overall made a great impression. This was pretty much the vibe going on all the way until his one opener got taken away from him. Like in, he was losing all of his momentum, all his Energy, all his passion and all of his charisma. It was really just painful to watch. Now again, I didn’t see the full segment of the show, so maybe he regained his Energy during the later stages of his lil’ pick up show, but when I stopped watching it pretty much looked like he was done.

Y’know, the awkward vibe from which no one fully recovers in the moment.

My observation:

The guy only had *one* weapon in his arsenal.

And that was his opening line.

Now, I personally disagree with the moderator and the host of the show that saying a simple greeting statement constitutes a ‘pick up line.’ I think it does not. It is simply a way of saying hello to people.

Just ask yourself this: How many different ways do you say hello to people on a daily basis?

I surely do not vary a lot. In fact all I think I say [Now that I’m reflecting upon it], is pretty much just ‘Hi’ and then asking people what they’re up to, their names, whence they came; all depending on the situation.

Still, I believe one should have more than one weapon in one’s arsenal.

Because, you just don’t know.

Practicing and playing around with words does wonder for your Energy and overall charisma.

You develop more confidence and competence. You also become more *aware* of the words you’re using and the one’s you’re not.

Think about that until next time and start working on *your* arsenal.

This is after all what an Electrifying Persona [EP] would do.

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