‘EVERY…DAMN…NIGHT…Too much pain!!’

Aasmund Ryningen
4 min readMay 17, 2020


The above quote was a response to the following question:

‘Curious how many people have issues getting good sleep?’

Some other responses were:

‘What is sleep?’

‘I wake up at least every hour throughout the night.’

‘I don’t fight it anymore. Wide awake the whole night through is my normal.’

‘Me. Toss and turn all night trying to get a good position where I don’t hurt. Use pillows under my knees when I’m on my back. In between my knees when on my side. Pretty much hurt 24–7 but I still work.’

So on and so forth. But the worst answer, or that is, the answer from the person who seemingly was doing worst of all, was a woman who was coping with the following:

‘I have never slept more than
6 hrs at a time.
Since November I could only sleep For about 2 hrs
Wake up in pain. And with a full bladder
Then I Go Sit in my office chair with my feet elevated on a stool and a heating pad
Behind my back with a neck
Pillow behind my head for about 30 min
That seems to relieve the Pain. Before I get back in bed. I do some back exercises. I learned on line
From this women named […]. Stretches the back
I repeat this pattern. About
3 times a night
My boyfriend sleeps in another bedroom. We both sleep better that way.’

Then she proceeded to say something about how her boyfriend had to go buy her some sort of pillow. It was called a ‘whole body pillow’ or something like that. Also about how that pillow made her sleep a little better. Now she at least got four hours of sleep and she only had to sit in the office chair for once a night and her bladder was doing way better, although she was drinking more water.

My take on the following is first and foremost: poor souls. All of them are struggling with the same kind of disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis. Or, that is, that is the one disease or illness that they have in common. Some of them may be struggling with other diseases and conditions as well. The reason I know about the Rheumatoid Arthritis is because I saw all of the above in a forum a place on the Internet (of course I won’t reveal where out of respect for those who suffer from it). However, I saw that several others of them also had Fibromyalgia.

Making it some sort of ‘double trouble’.

Second, as I’m typing this, I’m actually quite sleepy myself. I didn’t get much sleep last night. But that was 100% my own fault. I was raving and didn’t manage to hit the bed before 4:30 AM. Then, about 7:15 AM or so, my daughter wakes up and starts getting impatient in bed.

After getting her out of bed and making her ready for the day, I give her an oatmeal and her tablet, so she can watch some Netflix as I’m gettin an hour or so more of sleep. Barely. She starts yelling for me again after about an hour or so, and I come out and see that she’s not only managed to tilt the bowl with the oatmeal and spilt oats and milk all over the place, the food is also on the tablet, on the table, on the carpet, on the couch, and on her.

Great job.

So I take her to the bathroom, while cursing myself for having to go through all of this mess before I…

…hang on a second!

This isn’t *nearly* as bad as those poor souls above. At least I get to sleep well at night — believe me, this night I will definitely sleep in. Not only that, but both me and my daughter are healthy, happy and are doing fine. Our problem these days is that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most public spaces like playgrounds, libraries, family parks and so on are closed, so there’s only so much to do after kindergarten.

Oh, and the kindergartens in my place aren’t closed, and we don’t have to wear masks and authorities have not decided to close down beaches, parks and trails.

Guess we’re pretty lucky after all.

Unlike these poor guys and gals above.

Anyway, I’m not going to say that CBD oil will solve all the pain and suffering that they’re going through. I’m really not. However, I’ll definitely say that a lot of people have taken CBD oil and felt their lives significantly improve.

Both from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

In any way, you decide what to do about your own life and health. Not me. I’m just giving you directions and suggestions. It’s your choice to walk in those directions. But, I’ve seen people’s lives literally change so much it’s like they’ve been born again.

If you also want to be ‘born again’, you know what I’d tell you to do.