Ex-bodybuilder’s painful secret

One of the most telling and revealing videos I ever saw of someone with a spine problem was when Joe Rogan interviewed the great Ronnie Coleman.

For those who don’t know, Ronnie Coleman was a bodybuilder who won lots and lots of awards in all kinds of competition, including the Arnold Classic Strongman Competition or whatever it’s called, and, during his time, was the de-facto face of bodybuilding. Built like a giant, his arms were the size of trunks. He was just incredibly huge and strong. He worked as a police officer, and as you probably can imagine, hardly any thug or thief started on him during his career.

If you don’t know who he is, just google search his name. I all but guarantee you that he’s much bigger and stronger than you.

However, having such a big, strong and ripped body comes with a bunch of costs and commitments.

For one, he had to literally eat every third hour of the day. Including at nighttime. It meant that he had to get up at 3AM in the morning to eat, so his energy consumption would stay constant.

It also meant he had to train extensively. Despite being in pain and exhausted.

As a result, he often had to deal with injuries.

Some more serious than others.

One of these injuries was a herniated disc in his spine. At first, he just had to have a minor surgery and was then told to rest by his doctor. However, being a strongman, resting was off the table. So he went back to work, and got injured again.

This time it was little bit more serious.

He needed a major surgery on his spine and had to get two discs fused together.

Of course, he didn’t let that stop him from working out hard and competing.

And over the years that followed, he had to have several major surgeries on his spine.

Eventually, well after he’d retired from professional bodybuilding, his spine just ended up being on big, lump. All of his discs had been fused together one way or the other. It meant that he couldn’t bend over or stretch his back properly. In fact, he ended up walking on crutches and could hardly walk for more than ten minutes before he had to sit down and rest.

His spine wasn’t doing so well.

At least that’s what he told Joe Rogan during his interview. Hopefully he’s doing better now, but who knows?

There are a number of other unlucky people out there who suffer from chronic pain disorders, such as fibromyalgia, and have spinal problems as well. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t think there’s anyone who’s had so many surgeries as Mr. Coleman had, but you never know.


Living with fibromyalgia and spinal problems is a big enough challenge in and of itself.

Apart from the obvious pain problems as well as how the various injuries affect or can slightly reduce your performance during a normal day, there’s also the side effects from various medications.

Such as for example gaining weight and getting blurred vision.

Or even worse, if you’re really unlucky, you can actually risk losing the function in your arms because of some nerve problem issues.

Others are in so deep pain that apart from the flare ups that cause them to literally scream in terror, they have to sleep with a pillow between their knees.

Often in the same, fixed position throughout the entire night.

It means they cannot roll over to the other side because it’s uncomfortable or they’re getting hot from lying still.

Not only that, but just a simple restroom visit in the middle of the night is out of the question.

Too much pain.

Too much hassle.

And not being able to sleep again.

There obviously isn’t any ‘cure’ for a surgically repaired spine. Discs that are herniated or have bulged, they are what they are. At least to my knowledge, there isn’t anything you can do to restore the skeleton and the discs back to their original position.

As for the pain, that’s a different story.

There are lots of different painkillers on the market today.

Some are good. Some are bad. Some are cheap. Some are expensive. Some are with side effects. Some are without side effects.

If you’re looking for a medication that comes without any known side effects, is fairly affordable in price, doesn’t require you to beg your doctor to issue a prescription and doesn’t make you addicted in any known way, then CBD oil may just be what you need.

For sure CBD oil won’t fix your spinal disc problems.

But it just may help you relieve from the intense pain that comes from such a condition.

Best you find out for yourself.


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