Factual, a little boring, but IMPORTANT information

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMay 7, 2020


Not much new here.

In fact, I guess that you probably already knew this, or to some extent, sort of could figure it out. But alas, I think it’s an important topic to discuss, because it may help certain prone individuals from doing bad stuff that they shouldn’t be doing. Also, if you’re one of these self-declared ‘skeptics’ that are on the look for ‘documentation’, ‘evidence’ or ‘proof’ and you’re not satisfied until you sit on a 5 lbs heave pile of documents to read and study, you’ll be disappointed.

In fact, I don’t even want you to be reading the following.

Shoosh! Get away! Now!

So, if you’re still here and the ‘anti-documentation’ point didn’t scare you away, then into it we dive.

Not one, but several guys in a CBD forum claimed that CBD in and of itself had helped them cure themselves from anxiety or depression. Actually, let me rephrase that. They hadn’t been ‘cured’ of their mental struggles, their mental struggles had only been relieved.

That is, they didn’t feel that depressed as they did prior to consuming CBD.

Sadly, I forget which method they used. I don’t think they were vaping, I think they consumed CBD either through an oil or some edibles. In any case, the point is that they felt better after they consumed the CBD, which of course is a good thing.

Also, when smoking weed, the same fellows said that they felt relieved and that it helped them battle their depression, but the weed often made them experience paranoia and panic attacks.

Now, panic attacks might vary from person to person.

I’ve seen someone faint over literally nothing. I’m not sure whether I’d called that a panic attack or not. What I’m absolutely sure I’d call a panic attack was when I saw a kid at school experiencing tremors. The guy forgot to take his medicine and his face literally turned white and blue-ish. He then just sort of laid down and fortunately, a nearby teacher managed to run and get the kid’s medicine.

I’ll *never* forget that desperate look in that kid’s face.

Incredibly disturbing.

Hope I never have to experience it.

Anyway, I didn’t have much else to share beside that.

So do with that information as you will. Especially if you’re one of those who’s depressed and you’re not living the life that you want to live. Realize that in a lot of cases, much is up to you. You actually can change stuff yourself. Assume responsibility for your own actions. Work on improving yourself. Exercising more. Eating right. Talking to people. Going out. Not spending time on doing negative stuff that negatively impacts your brain and how you view the world, like for example watching Netflix. If you’re lonely, go on some dates. Say hello to the cashier. Etc.

Actually, conservative radio host Michael Savage had a brilliant line when it came to Netflix and dating;

‘From Netflix to No-flix’

Interpret that as you want, Capt’n.

But realize that in many ways, you’re the commander of your own life.

Still, if you’re consistently doing much or all of the above (which is just my recommended advice, what I’d to personally, this is not medical or psychological advice), but you’re not changing your world view, things still look bleak and you just want to relieve that stress factor, the outside noise and you want to feel good for once in a while…

..then by all means, try CBD infused oil.

I’m fairly certain it would boost your confidence levels, as long as you’re already taking the right steps.

It’s sort of jumping into a car and attempting to start it on an empty tank.

You need to gather the gasoline first, before you can drive.

Same with your mental health. Start doing things that will make a positive change in your life and then see if you don’t want to ‘boost things up’ with CBD oil.

I’m not telling you that you *have* to.

I’m just telling you what has worked for a lot of other people.

Now the ball’s in your court.