Football action coupled with ink pens = BAD attention!

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readJul 27, 2020


One of the most painful memories I have from elementary school was when I was playing football.

Just to make sure you get it, when I say ‘football’, I mean soccer. Like the popular ball game in Europe and Latin America where you’re using your feet to move the ball instead of your arms. I know there are quite a few Americans who read what I write, so I have to clear up that misconception.

Now, semantics aside…

When you’re playing football, it’s easy to get tackled. By tackling I refer to a situation where someone from the other team kicks you in the foot or pushes you over so that you fall, without being in touch with the ball.

A foul action in other words.

The first of many times that happened to me, I was 7 or 8 years I believe.

We were playing football outside on the tarmac at school. I had the ball and I got tackled. Several times. Fell over.

Bruised my knees and my elbows.

Of course, since I was met with scorn, mocking and ridicule, I reacted like most other children would do. By crying and feeling sorry for myself. Because the bruises hurt a lot. And they left me with lots and lots of wounds for a long time.

One curious thing about these wounds was how the pain wasn’t the worst thing.

Eventually, it went away. After a couple of days or so it was fine.

However, what I found to be the most disturbing thing was people asking about the wounds. Questioning me, second guessing the way I was playing football and made me feel insecure about myself. Like I had done something wrong. And they made me feel inferior to the others. That I perhaps shouldn’t be playing more football but rather do something that I mastered doing. That playing football wasn’t for everyone.

Basically, I attracted attention.

But it was the wrong kind of attention.

The kind of attention that made me feel like a loser.

And, here’s another thing you may not now about people who suffer from fibromyalgia.

They can also get these impressions on their skin that looks like wounds. Their blood vessels swell up. It looks like someone has taken an ink pen and drawn the blood vessels on top of their skin.

It doesn’t look good.

They feel embarrassed.

And of course, it’s uncomfortable.

Which means many of them have qualms about going out to socialize. They prefer not to be in public and being put on the spot when they have such bad periods.

What do I suggest that they do?

Well, to some of them there might actually not be any hope at all. Some of them may actually be doomed forever. That is the sad reality of chronic pain diseases. However, for others who have bodies that are more receptive to treatment, CBD oil has helped quite a lot of people.

However, understand that in order for CBD oil to work properly, you’ll likely need to apply a good dose of patience to the treatment period.

Quite likely you’ll also have to change your diet. Start working out. Relax. Try not to think about your pain issues (yes, I know that’s difficult to do).

And over time, if you truly are one of those with more receptive bodies, you may see a positive change to your life.

Where not only your pain, but your bruises and swollen blood vessels may be gone.

That is, if you dare take the step.

​​​​​​​Do you?