Whenever I think of Frankenstein I think of an ugly creature with a hunched over posture.

Someone, or rather, something that walks forward in Zombie-ish style, not being able to talk normally and who eats little children. I don’t know if that’s really what happened in the original Frankenstein book or movie. In fact, I have neither read or seen the book and the movie, so I really am not qualified to say.

However, I’m qualified to talk about a hunched over posture.

I’ve seen it a lot of times. In fact, I’ve actually had a hunched over posture several times. I remember especially one time that happened. It was when I was in college. I must have been 23 years or something. I was working out a lot. Doing strength exercising. I also took taekwondo and kickboxing classes, as well as doing scuba diving and taking guitar classes. There was also the occasional boozing now and then. In short, I was pretty active and did a lot of different stuff.

One day as I was lifting weights in the gym, something in my back snapped.

And I remember going ‘What’s this? What has happened?’

Then, slight discomfort snuck up through my spine and my neck. It didn’t hurt particularly much at that point. It was just uncomfortable. I knew that something bad was about to happen, because it was sort of like a long cord in my back and neck had been cut and almost severed. Or not far from it.

Anyway, I was wise enough to put down the weights and walk home.

As I walked, my back was giving me more and more trouble. It still didn’t hurt much, it was just uncomfortable.

Nothing more happened that night. I took a shower, watched some television shows and then went to bed.

The next day was literally Hell on Earth.

My whole neck and back were stiff as logs. Like someone had actually ripped open my back and neck, removed all the stuff that’s inside and swapped it with solid wood. Like a massive oak tree. Or iron. My whole torso and neck were immovable. Just the slightest little movement hurt so bad I almost burst out in tears. Just getting out of bed was so painful, I’d much rather lay still.

But I had schoolwork to do.

(In hindsight I should’ve ditched school, but oh well).

Anyyway, I think I spent about half an hour getting dressed that day. Just finding the necessary clothes and putting them on was an effort in itself. Not to mention eating and putting on shoes.

Walking to school was another thing.

What usually took me 20 minutes now took me almost a full hour. I had a hunched over posture, looking like those old people who use walkers. I probably could’ve benefitted from using a walker myself, despite being in my early twenties.

Wearing a heavy rucksack with lots of books stuffed in it, didn’t exactly make it easier. Nor was it particularly fun to sit down at a desk, bend my back to fetch the books and then sit in an unpleasant position for hours, solving mathematical problems that I found boring and dreadful.

Grocery shopping was perhaps the worst thing. Usually I walked past the grocery store on my way home with my rucksack stuffed with books and then bought that day’s dinner. I then would have to walk with both the rucksack and the shopping bags for 15 minutes or so.

This time around, it took me probably nearly 40 minutes. And that was because I was much too stubborn to ignore the tremendous, stinging, gnarling pain within my back and neck as the heavy rucksack loaded with books was sort of dragging my back down to the ground and the grocery bags jumping up and down as I walked, adding percussions of pain in my neck and back.

It continued like this for a week before the pain gradually went away.

I can assure you, that was one of the worst weeks of my life.

Now, what has this got to do with CBD oil?

Well, nothing more than that a patient who’d been suffering from pain for years had an equal hunched over posture. After starting with CBD oil, things changed much for the better.

Or in their own words:

‘I was walking pitched forward to get around. Now I have to remember to straighten up.’

How’s that?

How does that sound? Just think about it. When was the last time you struggled to walk and had to assume a hunched over position by default?

The pain was so intense that the patient actually walked around with such a posture by default. Then, as the pain went away, they now had to remember to straighten up.

Almost sounds like a pleasant problem if you ask me.

Your and everyone else’s mileage may vary, though.

That’s right, Capt’n. It ain’t a given that CBD oil will perform miracles for you like in this person’s case. Quite likely, you’ll have to struggle a bit more. You have to give it more time. Do more yourself. Put in an effort and really be willing to make significant and life-altering changes.

I’m saying this so that you won’t get any false hope. Because, I’d much rather be the bringer of realistic than over-hyped, glorified and downright fake news.

When it comes to your health, nothing is more important than having it in check. Absolutely nothing.

Knowing that you may have to put in the effort. The stress. The pain. The doubt…

…why don’t you also (literally) put in the CBD oil?



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