Frantic Frozen Fingers

One of the worst memories from the military was an exercise we had to go through.

Or that is, what happened in that exercise. You see, this was during winter time. It was in the middle of February and we had to cross a mountain pass over three or four days while sleeping outside in tents. Digging out camps in the snow and making snow caves for shelter to sleep in during the night.

I’m not particularly fond of sleeping in tents, much less a snow shelter.

But in the military you have to do what they say, or else….


Since the idea is that the enemy isn’t supposed to spot you from a distance, you cannot make campfires. They would light up the whole area. You cannot use torches outside when it’s dark either, or you may get wiped out. So you have to adjust your eyes to the darkness.

In order to have some heat inside our tents, we had to heat up one of these portable stoves. I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re tiny little ‘makeshift kitchens’ that you use to heat up your food when you’re out and about. And we had two such portable stoves to heat up our tents.

To make those stoves keep on heating, we had to take shifts and look after the fire. We had to re-fill it with gasoline if it ran out.

One of the soldiers in my tent was clumsy, to put it mild.

Instead of pouring gasoline in the tank, he poured water into it. And guess what happened? Not only did the fire stop, but the entire stove stopped working, because there was some tiny little lead plate that got destroyed when it came in touch with water.

So, we had to dismantle the stove, outside, because of safety, during the middle of the night.

In our underwear.

Actually, that was me who did it. The other guy frantically threw his arms around and really didn’t know what to do.

Combine that with cold and not being able to see because it’s pitch black outside and you’re not allowed to use a light.

That really sucked. I was so cold and I was so angry. I managed to fix the problem, but by the time I’d finally managed to get the stove to heat up, I felt like I had been frozen from the inside out. Like there was some sort of ‘inner frost’ in my bones.

And guess what?

A lot of people who suffer from fibromyalgia feel the same way. It feels like someone has drastically turned down the temperature and they have to sit with layer upon layer upon layer of blankets to prevent them from freezing to death.

Make no mistake, these are real problems.

That cause real struggle for people.

There are also real treatments that you can get for your chronic pain struggles.

Whether you feel cold or like it’s boiling inside of you.

One such treatment is CBD oil.

And that’s all I have to tell you today.


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