Girl talk only

In the latest of inane and stupid news, only girls are allowed to speak their mind.

Or that is, I’m sure the guys can talk, but their opinions won’t be considered. Only girls age 12–20 may utter their opinion on the matter and have someone listen to them. At least according to some article I read the other day about some parking lot that’s supposed to be changed into some sort of socializing area, in some small, insignificant town.

Now, there are several problems with this affair.

Or shall we say farce? I’m not even sure what to call this thing. Thinking about it, I’m going to stick with farce. It just sounds so much better when you say it, and it legitimately reflects the current matters at hand.

So, let’s get to it.

Problem no. 1 is that in some small town or sub-urban area, the local town council decides to remove a parking lot.

So if you’re on your way to the mall or something and you need a place to park, best look somewhere else. This parking lot is going out of business. You should be ashamed of yourself for polluting the environment.

Problem no. 2 is the obvious discrimination at hand. Only girls may actually have a say. No, this is *not* a joke.

It’s the sort of next level stupid thing I really can’t wrap my head around. And politicians wonder why so many young guys fall outside society and get into all sorts of trouble. Jeez, I really wonder why.

Anyway, there’s actually a third problem. Perhaps the biggest problem that I haven’t spoken about just yet. And that is the insane and relentless amount of energy and time so many people are going to spend on this thing complaining, when there’s really nothing they can do. Sure, I guess that if you live nearby and you have kids, boys only and they’re not allowed to have a say on how this socializing place is going to look, you will be affected in some way. But by and large, your life won’t get better or worse. Food and gas prices are still going to be high. Or higher. You still need to make a living. And people won’t like you if you do not work on your charm and persuasion.

Bottom line is, you cannot do anything about the ménagerie above, because it is outside of your hands.

Yeah, it’s silly, but what is sillier is you spending all your time worrying about this nonsense. Ultimately, those in charge of this ridiculousness will face all sorts of problems when they see this really doesn’t move the needle. If so, in the wrong direction. Kind of like the Doomsday Clock. In fact, *this* it what really moves the Doomsday Clock 10 seconds closer to midnight or whatever ‘time’ that thing is set to.

In fact, I should probably do a piece on the Doomsday Clock as well.

But, that’ll have to be for later.

Now, to cap off this zinger, I don’t have anything else to add other than encouraging you to focus on yourself and not putting your nose where it doesn’t belong. Let the girls speak and watch the whole thing fall apart. There’s a reason why the Chinese symbol for war, supposedly, are two women under the same roof.

[I probably pissed off some readers with that latest sentence, but I do not care].


If you fall victim to such nonsense above and you allow time thieves and energy vampires to steal your most precious assets, your time and energy, and you need someone to set you straight and tell you what to do and not to do, AND you’re not afraid of work, you’re in luck.

I offer in-depth education on this matter, to help you get closer to your goals, whatever they are. But first, you need to eliminate all of the distractions around you.

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